Under The Bed

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Vor made sure he stayed close to Elizabeth, fully unnerved by what was happening. "Weren't the tunnels sweeped already?”

"Yes, but that was yesterday. A few people could have snuck back in or been missed." Elizabeth listened for another moment. "Especially a very quiet child." The crying sounded like a child to her.

“But behind such immense doors? Forgive my wariness, but often a cry of distress in such situations is meant as bait.”

Vor was running off of childhood fairytales and fables, but indeed, this could be just like the bear that splashes the water’s edge to fool naive fish.

Sasha nodded to Cronk. "Sure, I'll check." She said, handing her rifle over to Cronk, "Just hold it and point the light at the bed so I can see." she said, "Finger away from the trigger please and thank you." she said taking the pistol from the shoulder holster but holding it out of view of whoever was under the bed. Provided light by Cronk, she knelt down and angled her head to look under the bed. Seeing a young scared girl. "Bonjour, sors, nous ne te ferons pas de mal." (Hello, come out, we won't hurt you)

"La noise était effrayante". (The noise was scary.) The little girl said, as she pushed her way from under the bed. Her eyes grew big at the sight of Cronk, but not before an "ouch" let out from trying to step on her right ankle. "Je me suis blessé à la cheville. Vivez-vous ici?" (I hurt my ankle. Do you live here?). Her eyes never left Cronk, while she spoke to Sasha, but she motioned to the clothes and the beds in the room.

Sasha opted for a white lie. "Non, mais quelque chose s'est produit ici et nous vérifions si quelqu'un a été blessé." (No, but something happend here are we are checking to see if anyone was hurt.) Sasha took notice of the girl focused on Cronk. "Ne vous inquiétez pas, c'est un parfait gentleman, il est juste là pour s'assurer que je suis en sécurité." (Don't worry he is a perfect gentleman, he is just here to make sure I am safe.)

"Mon ami est allé chercher de l'aide." (My friend went to get help.) The little girl sat on one of the lower beds. She looked to be about seven, with long straight blonde hair that was in braids tied up with blue ribbons. "Nos parents ne voulaient pas qu'on joue ici." (Our parents didn't want us playing down here.) Like most children it was clear curiosity had gotten to the girls. "Sommes-nous en difficulté ?" (Are we in trouble?)

Sasha shook her head "Vos parents ne seront probablement pas heureux mais je ne vous cause pas de problèmes." (Your parents probably won't be happy but you aren't in trouble from me.) she said, "J'étais rebelle quand j'avais ton âge, donc ce ne serait pas juste d'être en colère." (I was rebellious when I was your age, so it wouldn't be fair to be mad.)

Cronk squatted down to make himself appear smaller. His lower lip protruded as a pout.

Not understanding the French, Cronk thought maybe the child was frightened at the sight of him. At least, he saw that in the eyes of the child. So, he made himself smaller by squatting.

“Little girl hurt?”

Seeing the noise being simply a young child, Vor couldn't help a deepening feeling of being unsuited for the mission. It was a truth, his only experience in "the field" was around the Children and having a sense of security. He allowed himself a deep breath before looking back down the tunnels. He couldn't grasp the full conversation between Sasha and the girl, but gathered that she had come with a friend, perhaps the footsteps they had heard running. He gently asked Sasha for the answer, keeping his voice low in order to help keep the child calm.

"Where did the friend go? Were they the one running down the tunnel just now?”

Elizabeth walked into the room, as she responded to Cronk. "Yes, Cronk. Her ankle is injured."

Elizabeth asked the girl her name, "Lorna," the girl responded.

"Eh bien, Lorna, je peux guérir ta cheville, si tu le souhaites." (Well, Lorna I can heal your ankle, if you wish.) Elizabeth said.

Lorna, who had stopped crying asked. "Est-ce que ça va faire mal?" (Will it hurt?)

"Non pas du tout." (No, not at all.) Elizabeth responded, "Il se peut que cela fasse un peu chaud au début." (It might feel a little warm, at first.)

Elizabeth put her hands on the injured ankle, a kind of glow incased the ankle. Then after about a minute disappeared. The young girl watched her ankle with a kind of awe then the light faded. Elizabeth told her to try walking on it, which she did.

"Ouah," (Wow) Lorna said, as she realized her ankle was completely cured. "Merci.”

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