Queasy Discoverys

JP with Lorem, Lucian, Lasersexpanther, mdman and Cindy

Sasha and Lorem were busy with the switch, Cronk was busy eating and Vor was busy with his own notes.

Elizabeth decided it would be best to just start at one end of the lab and work her way through everything.

The herbs in the shelves contained nothing of significance, or at least nothing that she couldn't procure for Dr. Jackal herself. Nothing rare or unusual. While Elizabeth took not of them, they would be left there.

Next she came across a few medium sized wooden boxes that were locked. Upon opening them, by using her magic, Elizabeth discovered papers. Lab reports, actually.

They were mostly regarding the serium, and different variations of it but a few contained other experiments. One section was labeled "Bisection of Living and Non-living Specimens." Another section was labeled "Vivisection in Humans and Animals." Giving a cursory glance through a file in each of those sections, the normally collected Eldren, suddenly turned a shade of sickly pale, sort of green at what she read.

Feeling a sickening sense of anger, and sadness for the poor people and animals that had been tortured by the crazy, now deceased, doctor. As an Eldren who strived very hard to follow the ways of Merlin and The Acuitus, those experiments went against every grain of her being.

She composed herself long enough to ask the Orc, "Cronk, when you are finished eating could you help me with these boxes?" Gesturing to the wooden boxes she had just been looking through. The Eldren was sure the good doctor would want to see those files.

Cronk was chewing with his mouth open, finishing the pemmican. He nodded in agreement, walking over to the boxes. Stacking the boxes atop each other.

“Lady Boss want these with Driver?” Cronk asked.

"Yes, but I'll walk with you. I could use a little air." Elizabeth looked around the room. "We will be back momentarily." She felt a little queasy after what she had read.

Cronk lifted the boxes. He hesitated a moment to ensure they were balanced against his massive chest. He began to walk beside Elizabeth.

When they were alone, Cronk asked, “Boss Lady okay? Looks greener than Grams.”

Grams was Cronk’s grandmother. Of course, green was her natural color. Cronk was lucky and inherited his skin tone from his mother.

"Yes, Cronk. Thank you for asking. I will be fine, there was just some disturbing information in those files." Elizabeth explained. "I am sure some fresh air will work on easing my queasiness."


The floating limbs and viscera laid out on the shelves were at first a morbid delight for Vor, but once the novelty faded and he began to ask himself questions, then it became yet another reminder of how deranged this cult was. Even as he continued his documentation, he couldn't ignore the wrongness of such a place. It also brought a more pitiable thought as he remembered Iris.

"To think what this kind of genius could have done in a better family.”

Sasha started working a tool into the groove of the button. "Whoever made this wanted to make sure nobody could disarm this.”

Lorem had gone unnoticed about her business as everyone else was preoccupied. The sound of tinkering could be heard inside the wall with the switch, her gear was sitting outside an open mechanical panel that was hidden by a desk. She had seen it because her eye level was below the desk.

It was the steam hub for the machinations in the lab. She couldn’t easily reach the trap switch so she went to work disarming it another way.

She came crawling out after a series of more tool sounds. “Trap is disarmed.” She exclaimed with confidence. She had disengaged the wiring to the switch, rendering it useless as well as disarmed the connections going out into the hall. Basically she took apart the interior pieces that made it all work. “That trap is completely useless until someone reconnects everything correctly again.” She held up a bunch of pieces that she had confiscated from it.

Elizabeth and Cronk had successfully gotten the boxes to the van, and loaded them in. Then Elizabeth let her stomach settle before they returned to the group. She had been correct and was feeling better.

Upon returning Elizabeth saw the pieces Lorem had pulled out, "That takes care of it then. We just need to get some samples of the serum. And maybe one of the brains with the rabies for Dr. Jackal." She carefully went about encasing those things in boxes which were padded and designed in such a way that the samples wouldn't roll around or get broken." She then turned to Cronk, indicating the three boxes, "Can you carefully carry these? I believe we are finished here, and should return to the temple next. Is everyone done in here?" She asked, as long as everyone said yes, the group would head back to the temple.

Sasha yanked a wooden box off a shelf, a quick peek inside then dumped the contents on the floor. Letting the fine china tea set inside turn to bits of worthless porcelain. "Put the samples in here. Take everything if you can fit it." After handing over the box she punted a cup that managed to survive the drop against the wall.

Of course Lamaire, being the Englishman he had been, would have a tea set in his lab. Elizabeth hadn't really considered taking all the serums, just some of them, but with the extra box the twenty vials of serum were able to fit. "I think that should do it." Elizabeth didn't see anything else which would be worth the effort to take with them.

"Is that everything?" She asked. "If so I believe Cronk and I should make this lab closed for the foreseeable future. We don't want one of his friends to move back in and pick up his work. But if you disagree I will leave it be “

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