Smashing The Lab

JP with Lorem, madman, Lucian, Lasersexpanther, and Cindy

Elizabeth took one last look around. The rest was fairly normal lab items. "Yes, I believe we have everything. Feel free to take care of that. Just bring the boxes when you are finished. Miss Ipsum and Mr. Aster please come with me."

Elizabeth left Cronk and Sasha to take care of the lab, and led the others back to the temple.

Cronk looked at the Masked One admiring the thought that she had. He moved the boxes out of the lab and returned.

“Cronk smash?” he simply asked.

"Leave some for me. I have some energy I need to get out. And don't smash any pipe. They might explode. Glass things and little gizmos smash away." Sasha said.


As the others left the lab and proceeded down the hall, Elizabeth suddenly stopped and looked around. An overwhelming sense of magic had come over her, like there was another mage there. She had a sinking feeling they were being watched. Then as quickly as it came, the feeling left. She doubted it was nothing but, if it was the Empirical mage from the Children, he didn't seem to be looking for a fight. Not now, anyway.


Cronk began to smash tables, causing beakers and tubes to fly in the air, smashing upon the ceiling of the lab. If others didn’t quite get to the ceiling, it crashed to the floor, shattering in pieces.

He picked up a table and smashed it against containers holding brains. The brains fell to the floor with a squish.

Cronk began to chortle, which soon escalated to full laughter. He was enjoying himself. “Come Masked One,” Cronk urged, “before Cronk smash all!”

Cronk was like a child in a sweets store. He went from table to table, sending items into the air, laughing all the while.

“Cronk thank Masked One!” he exuberantly exalted.

Elizabeth led the team back to the temple with nothing else happening. She remembered where the switch was, and went to the podium. Pulling the small statue to the left opened the door to a walk in storage area.

Inside the area was floor to ceiling shelves. On the shelves were some artifacts. About six held copies of the statues that all of the Children's members seemed to have.
There were a few odds and ends and then there were the books. Stacks of them. Some were books to translate words from Greek to various languages. Some were things like the History of the Arundan, books about various histories in English that weren't hard to come by. Then came the two shelves of books with the title, Η αλήθεια. (The Truth). The books were completely in Greek. At the very bottom of the shelves held two books covered in blue cloth with a gold wave design embroidered into the fabric which contained their own secrets.

Sasha joined Cronk in smashing the glassware, microscopes and any other bits of equipment rendering them worthless. Before the two left she pried a panel off the table with the burners, popping something loose and twisting a knob to vent the gas in the lines, leaving an eggy smell in the air she then bent the pipe just to the point of breaking crimping them in places it would require taking the entire assembly apart to repair. "Let's join the others." She told Cronk.

Cronk admired the Masked One’s work. She did it with a certain panache and flare. Sasha seemed to enjoy destroying things as much as Cronk.

“Masked One good!” Cronk replied with a smile and a gleam in his eye. “We go,” he agreed. The smell from the venting lines was becoming offensive.

Sasha nodded "It isn't often I get to do the ol' smash and grab, I don't often need evidence or blackmail for my target's." She said as they walked, "Plus even if the bad doctor is dead, it's nice to get the frustration of not getting to kill him myself out.”

Cronk understood this. He had wanted revenge on the evil doctor for the death of Boss Quinn. He didn’t get that chance. Perhaps the Masked One was similar to Cronk in some ways. She wanted to kill the man too. Could that have been said about Lady Boss, Pretty Flower, the Young One, or Fish Man?

“Cronk like Masked One,” he replied as they walked toward the others on the team.


Lorem continued following the group's lead. Her gear and scientific combat attire was clinking and clunking whenever she moved. She was anti-stealth at its finest. As she waited for something more akin to her skill set she would fiddle with her grenade launching hand cannon.

Elizabeth made sure to take several books that might be of use, a few copies of The Truth, The History of the Arundan which looked greatly modified from what she knew of the truth.

Most of the rest didn't seem significant, until her gaze reached the two cloth covered books. Or well they looked like books. One seemed to be attached to something, it also had a green ribbon on the outside, which looked like a bookmark. The other was oddly locked. "Miss Ipsum, could you find out what this book is attached to?" Pointing to the one with the green ribbon.

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