Friends again

Johnathan opened his mouth, but before he could respond, Cynthia walked up behind him and place a firm grip on his shoulder. Already knowing who's hand was on his shoulder, Johnathan smiled softly at Khunara; "Give me just a moment." He said before standing up and turning to face Cynthia with an expectant and slightly annoyed expression.
"We need to talk John." Cynthia's voice was calm and collected, per usual, but Johnathan could sense the desperation.
He sighed and moved the two of them a few paces away from the table he had been sitting at with Khunara. "What is it, Thia? I'm helping Khun with something." His tone had come off more cold than he had intended, which was evident by Cynthia's habit of breaking eye contact when there's tension.
"I know you're busy... we all are. With Lydia leading the soldiers out to a possible suicide mission and you helping Khunara learn about our systems and patients... and I have an endless amount of paperwork and community work to do... I just.. I know we're all busy."
Johnathan raised an eyebrow - it was rare that Cynthia rambled on or stumbled over her words. He softened his expression and tone. "Thia, what do you need? You know I'm here if you need anything."
Cynthia drew in a deep breath, regaining her regal composure. "I just want to know if we're still friends, at the very least. Lydia and I talked... I realize I've been using you as an emotional crutch despite myself not wanting a serious relationship. What I didn't realize, was how much that was hurting you. I'm sorry for everything, and if you need time, I understand that... but I don't want to lose my best friend." She sighed, willing the tears to stay hidden under her facade of an optimistic and cheerful leader.
Johnathan's eyes met Cynthias's as he placed both hands on her shoulders; "You and I are always going to be friends Thia, we're family at this point. For a while, pining after you hurt... but I've been over it for a little while now... and someone else has caught my eye." He said, a slight smirk on his face.
Cynthia stifled a chuckle and smiled back at him; "You deserve to be appreciated and loved. Thank you for talking with me." She said before pulling him into a friendly hug - which Johnathan awkwardly received as he wasn't one for physical contact with others.

He soon returned to Khunara and sat back down, assuming she'd be curious over what just happened. "Sorry about that, she wanted to make sure that her and I are okay still. Anyway, I would love to help." He wore the same soft smile as before, he couldn't help it when looking at her, but Cynthia had reminded him of Lydia's whereabouts today and the thought continued nagging at him in his head. There was nothing he could do, simply because Lydia instructed him to stay at the home base and help with what he could here while she handled what she needed to out there.

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