An Agreement That May Be Bad For The Future

"That's fine, John," Khunara says softly, looking over the last of the files at this point. "Is there anything I should do to help?" Looking up, she notices the look in his eyes. "What's wrong? You have...worry in your eyes." Even she can see emotions. Her heart is pounding with worry that something bad may be happening.


Sophia stumbles away as she spots Malik gazing down at her, his arms crossed over his broad chest. “Having fun?” He asks in a cold tone, earning him a glare from the petite wind user. In answer to his question, she merely stays silent and gets to her feet, quickly starting to back away. The terror spills throughout her as she sees him follow her step-for-step.

The moment her back hits a tree, Sophia’s heart begins to pound loudly and it becomes all she can hear for a split second. “What do you want?” She finally asks, voice a soft growl. Despite how strong she is, the wind user is still a soft spoken individual and wishes to be left alone.

Yet, here is Malik, cornering her like a wild animal that needs taming.

“You’ve got a very nasty attitude, girl.” He replies in his deep voice, stepping even closer and pining her against the tree. His arms settle on either side of her head, dark eyes gazing down at her harshly. “You need to get rid of that or I’ll make sure it goes away. I don’t care what Lydia says.”

His face is close to Sophia’s, warm breath brushing against her cheek. She can smell mint from whatever toothpaste he must use. He may be an asshole, but he’s a clean one at least... She thinks just before feeling one of his hands on her shoulder. With one of her own, she slaps his hand away.

“Don’t touch me!” She snaps and makes an attempt to flee by ducking under his other arm. His strong grasp is on her arm, pulling her back before she can get far and she finds herself against the tree once more, only with her face against it. Turning her head, she glares back at him and struggles against his grip.

Tightening said grip, Malik smirks slightly. “What did I tell you, little puppy?” He whispers into her ears and sniffs her hair. There is natural earthy scents upon her, mixing with the soap she uses, and she can feel he enjoys it. His hips press against her rear and her eyes widen, fear pulsing through her as memories run through her mind.

And then his weight is gone, a yell of pain pulling her from the nightmare before it can go too far. Pushing off the tree and turning, she sees Honey is biting into Malik’s arm with all her might. “Honey, no!” She cries with concern, feeling she may get thrown out for this. Grabbing at her wolf-dog’s fur, she tugs gently and Honey releases his arm.

Malik pulls back, blood slipping from the bite and dripping to the ground as he grabs at it, sitting up where the wolf had him lying on the ground. “The fuck is wrong with your mutt?!” He snaps.

Sophia wraps her arms around Honey’s neck, pressing close to the wolf-dog. “My family...” She whispers. “You harm me, she protects me...and I do the same for her, so stop bothering me. Please.”

“Fine...does that mean we’ll keep this quiet?” He inquires.

She hesitates, but nods after a moment and he gets up, disappearing into the woods...

Sophia takes this opportunity to help Honey clean off her face and heads back to the house so she can get underground once more.

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