Unseen power

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As Malik stumbled deeper into the woods, nearing Johnathan house, a small figure stepped in front of him and he nearly trampled the girl. Once he realized who it was though, his posture straightened and his hands clasped behind his back, hiding the wound on his forearm.
"Going for a walk?" Lydia said with little inflection. Without waiting for a response, she snatched his arm from behind him and examined the wound. "A wolf bite. Interesting, considering there's only one wolf in this area."
Malik snatched his arm back and wore a nasty expression; "that girls bitch of a dog is crazy Lydia. She's a threat to our community." His words were laced with malice and venom as he spoke through his teeth, almost like he were hiding a hiss behind them.
Lydia, moving faster than anyone could've expected, stepped behind Malik and threw herself on his back, connecting her hands with his head - immediately, the two of them were put in a trance like state. She had learned from using her power on Finlay that she was capable of practicing telepathy at a greater strength when she formed a physical bridge. In this case, she used it to invade his memory and his thoughts. After a few seconds she separated from him, forcefully shoving her foot into the back of his knees as she pushed off his back. Malik fell to the ground, catching himself with his hands.
"You can't do that Lydia! It doesn't matter what you think your position is!" Malik yelled as he attempted to get back to his feet and swing at Lydia.
Rage seeped from every pore of Lydia's body, and before she could stop herself her hand was in the air, open palm facing Malik. Her eyes were void of color - a sight that struck fear into her soldiers and Malik both.
"Lydia - Lydia stop." Malik pleaded, his voice strained, as his hand drew a knife from his own pocket. Quickly realizing that he couldn't peel his eyes from her gaze, he drew the conclusion that she had entered his mind just through eye contact and was now maintaining complete control of his thoughts. Her urge to kill him was now his own urge. His hand closed the gap between the knife and his throat, and within seconds, he was dead.

Johnathan held in a sigh, not wanting to draw attention towards them, as he leaned in closer to Khunara and spoke his a whisper. "Lydia is on a mission, a very dangerous and secret mission, that could very well lead to her death. As well as the soldiers she is bringing with her." He sat back in his chair and ran a hand through his hair, trying to relieve some of his stress. "I'm just worried about her. She's still a kid - a hardened kid, but a kid."

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