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Sophia is silent as she listens to Perrine, working to braid her hair more tightly. If she is going to keep on the move, she needed to keep it out of her way. “I do what must be done.” She says in her whisper of a voice. “I will do my best not to be a burden to you.” Tying her hair back with a string, she looks to Honey for a long moment.

The wolf-dog snorts as she stays close to her companion.

“Thank you for letting us join you,” She continues after a long moment of thought. “Honey and I are not good with...staying still.”


Demitri keeps his distance as he continues following Lydia. She is young and dangerous, but that youth means she has limitations. One hand grips onto his revolver, finger tapping at the side of it. He wants to go in and deal with this situation – capture Lydia and drag her to his client that wants her for that power of hers.

Sadly, he knows his limitations and is no match for her at the moment. He needs to get his equipment ready so she cannot use her power on him. Biting back some curses, he goes through his pack and works on one of his guns with tranquilizers.

It never hurts to be ready for the worst.


“After all you've been through, that's to be expected,” Khunara explains as she goes over to Finlay and starts a basic examination. “You're healing, though, which is very good. Just keep resting for now, but you'll need to do some exercises to gain your strength back. Also, good and healthy meals will help too.”

She hopes her words are comforting for the young man. Glancing back at Johnathan, she offers him a kind smile and keeps working. The doctor checks Finlay's pulse and lungs, as well as his reflexes. The entire time she is gentle and kind, always letting the young man know what she's doing before actually doing the actions.

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