Like shooting fish in a barrel

Jay clambered to his feet.
“Piece of cake…” he said calmly, before Seymour finally lost his grip and landed clumsily on the hard metal ceiling of engineering, his metal legs taking most of the shock, making him wobble slightly before falling over.
“So what next?” Jay asked.

He looked around his erstwhile companions in silent askance, stealing the occasional self-indulgent glance back at Cassandra; he was only human after all, and while she wasn’t most well-endowed girl he’d ever seen, that wet vest top of hers did seem to be clinging in all the right places… and… well, let’s just say that you could tell she was cold…
“Any suggestions?” he asked after a moment
“Oh, I don’t know…” Seymour moaned as he hauled himself up from the ceiling, dripping water from the three or four centimetres still left pooled there “It’s all shit isn’t it!? I don’t care… Just do what you want! All my life is now, is: You commoners, and constant peril; where are my antiques, my fine wines, my silk bedding and the mountains of Ferrero Rocher for my Ambassadors receptions?”
He sniffed sadly, wiping his nose with a damp sleeve
“It’s all shit!” he shouted “I’m never going live the life I deserve, or get to see my daughter again, am I? I’m stuck with this!”
He gestured helplessly around at the rusting, filth besmirched engine room
“It’s all shit…” he moaned again
Cass tentatively released her grip on the rung of the service ladder that she had clung onto while the room had drained of water and pushed herself to her feet, water dripping from her clothes into the murk pooled around their feet
“Seymour” she said gently “You don’t know that; Jay’s been travelling throughout time these last six hundred years, so that’s definite proof that that kind of shit is possible! Who’s to say that we… I, mean: I can’t figure it out!?”
“How!?” Seymour snapped incredulously “What are you going to do? Build a time machine out of mutant squid and rusting bulkheads?”
“Yeah” Cass sighed tiredly “Ok, good point, I’ve no idea… My main specialities are nanotech and AI, but temporal physics can’t be all that hard, can it?”
“How the hell does a stripper know about nanotechnology?” Seymour spluttered “That’s just stupid!”
“A good education is only a library away” Cass snapped coldly “Don’t push it Seymour”
“Why not?” he shouted “I’m stranded here, three million years away from everything I ever loved and wanted from life with you damned commoners”
“Would you stop saying that shit?” Cass snarled “I’m an extremely long way from common”
“Ok…” Jay started “lets…”
“Oh?” Seymour snapped, ignoring him “How do you figure that? Everything about you just screams ‘common tart’!”
“How dare you!” Cass shouted, pulling herself up and hauling her wet hair back out of her face “I’ll have you know I was offered a scholarship at Cambridge when I was thirteen! Thirteen! Do you understand?”
“Ok ladies!” Jay yelled “That’s enough! Stop being such a dick Seymour, she was only trying to make you feel better”
“And stop looking at my tits as well” Cass grumbled, fumbling to zip her jacket up, and prompting everyone to stare fixedly up at her face
“I must say that’s remarkably coy for someone who used to get them out for a living” Seymour sneered
“Oy!…” Jay warned “What did I just say!?”
“It’s alright Jay” Cass shook her head “I’m not getting into this with him”
She paused and looked around, squeezing water from a dripping, heavy sleeve and shivering slightly
“Is everyone here? Only we need to get the hell out of this engine room! That floor’s a long way to fall if Holly reverses the gravity again, and there’s no nice soft water to land in if he does…”
“Yeah, that’s a good point” Jay conceded “We need to move…”
“Yeah, but where to?” asked Davie
“Somewhere out of Holly’s sensor range would be best” Cass replied “We’ve spent the last couple of days running around, panicking and could really do with somewhere to hole up for a bit while we figure out our next moves”
“I’d have previously suggested moving into the deeper levels” she continued “but after encountering that squid creature, I’m not sure if I’m all that keen to go wading around in deep water again, so if anyone’s got any suggestions, I’m keen to hear them; somewhere with a warm shower and clean clothes would be nice…”
“Ok” Jay started “Let’s move on out of here, we can figure out where we go to when we get out of the engine room”
Amidst general murmurings of agreement, the small group began to make their way over towards the service ladder to begin the long climb out of the engine room, Cass stopping Jay as he moved past her
“Thanks” she offered
“Oh?” Jay grinned “What for?”
“For saving my life, what do you think?”
A bazookoid blast exploded on the floor over to their right
“Aw, shit” Cass groaned, looking up to see Tisbot and the other simulants surrounding them from various doors high above them, their weapons trained on them
“How touching” Tisbot boomed, revving its chainsaw appendage up, to snickering from the other simulants “I bet you didn’t stop to wonder why Holly hadn’t just reversed the gravity again, did you?”
“… I did actually” Cass whispered to Jay
“Silence!” Tisbot bellowed his voice echoing around the room as s/he bought his weapon up to sight down the barrel “Time to die!”

The simulants have surrounded us, and are about to open fire; looks like it's time to scatter - Are there any ways out of here?

And thanks for the award David, you should get one yourself some time ;)

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