The Future of Sushi

“Silence!” Tisbot bellowed, his voice echoing around the room as s/he brought his weapon up to sight down the barrel. “Time to die!”

Every one dove for cover as the Sims all opened fire in unison. They took cover behind various pieces of machinery and rusted hulks of metal that had dropped from the floor to the ceiling when the gravity switched. “They’re firing at us from all sides!” Alex shouted. “No shit!?”
“Any bright ideas anyone!?” shouted Wolf from beneath an over turned Grav lift. Davie looked around the room for any available exits. No luck. He took aim at the nearest Sim and fired his launcher, but it did nothing but sputter on empty. “Damn!” he shouted, ducking down as the Sim aimed to fire, “Anybody have any grenades!?”
“No!” shouted Jay as he unleashed a vicious barrage of rifle fire. “Cass?” Davie called above the hail of gunfire pouring down from both sides. She finished off her pistol clip and duck back down behind cover. “What the bloody hell do I look like, an armory!?”
“I take that as a no then…” he said, curling his body tightly down behind his slowly diminishing cover.
The floor above their heads began to groan heavily, for two major reasons, (although in the middle of the battle no one took notice, at least until it began to collapse). Firstly, the structure wasn’t designed with a focus on supporting great weight and holding up under great stress upside down, and while this wouldn’t be much of a problem under normal circumstances, the bulkheads and support columns had weakened with age. The second reason was that several hundreds of gallons of water were now pressing heavily down on top of it.
The floor turned ceiling burst, and filthy three-million-year-old water dumped into the room, filling it by several meters, followed by a dishearteningly large splash. Davie swam quickly for the surface, his lungs burning for air, and took in a sharp gasping breath, and blearily noticed his comrades doing the same nearby. He wondered for half a moment why he hadn’t been shot yet despite the increased amount of gunfire filling the air. He quickly discovered why as he blinked away the dirty, grimy water from his eyes. Before him he could see the tentacles of another hellish nightmare squid swinging about back and forth between the Simulants, knocking them into bulkheads and into the water, dragging them down, sparking, only to have them bob back up again to attack it from the water. Every moment or so Tisbot would lash out at an oncoming tentacle with his groinal chain saw, severing it from the squid, only to be surprised by it’s immediate regeneration and repeated attack. It seemed that for now all the Sims were concerned about was Sushi.
Davie spun in the water and joined his comrades in clambering up onto the inverted catwalk that was now within their reach. As the Sims concentrated their fire and attention on the squid creature, the Dwarfers headed through a nearby door and sealed the emergency pressure hatch over it. “That thing aught to keep them busy for a few minuets at least.” said Jay as Davie slumped against the wall. “And I never liked Calamari…”
“What’s that?” asked Gomez, nodding at a heap of overturned boxes. Davie rubbed his eyes, still dripping with water, and stepped over to then. “They look like Simulant supply crates.” he said, flipping one over. “Let’s take a look then, shall we?” asked Jay. They all began rummaging through the crates, finding weapons and supplies. Davie selected for himself a pump action shotgun, that he slung across his back, a well oiled pistol, along with a bandolier of shells and a small webbing kit/pistol belt that he loaded with several hundred extra shells and pistol rounds, a large satchel filled with frag, E.M.P., G.U.N.K, and pulse grenades, and a new combat knife, as well as various other useful item that he loaded up his kit with, such as a small first aid kit, multiple all purpose tools and a few glow sticks and an ouroboross flash light. But what he found to be the piece de résistance to his new load out; a nearly brand new, fully loaded, Simulant issue TK-75 fully automatic compact rail gun.
Illegal for civilian use in most systems, the TK-75 was officially nick named “Magneto” by the Space Corps Military Weapons Division. It was favorited by it’s users, (or anyone who could lay their hands on one), for it’s effectiveness and durability, not to mention it’s ability to use almost anything small enough and metal for ammunition. While the weapon has a set case-less bullet ammunition, it has the ability to make do with nearly any piece of metal that will fit inside it's clip. With it the least important junkyard or office supply store turns into a highly valuable ammo dump. Combined with the TK-75, paper clips and staples may become the greatest fear of even your most battle hardened enemy.
The gunfire outside ceased, and everyone halted their rummaging and looked pensively at the door. The silence was then suddenly broken by resumed gun shots. “Sounds like we’re running out of time.” Jay started. “Yeah,” Cass said, “it won’t be long until they’ve finished with that thing and have blasted their way in here.”
“Right. Grab what you can, guys, and let’s get moving.”
Everyone quickened their pace as they sifted through the crates. “So what’s the plan then?” Davie asked, powering on his rifle, “Storm main engineering while most of them are out there, or what?”

<Tag!! I figured we could use some supplies. So what is the plan then? And what did you nick from the crates?>

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