Hehehe, Wipeout! (With Soundtrack!)

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Davie laid in the sand, propped up on one elbow, looking out across the expanse of ocean and the double moons in the sky above the horizon. The bonfire in the middle of the ring of Dwarfers warmed the front of his body as he stared out, almost entirely in a world of his own. For a while he remembered he did before the Blue Dwarf, and tried to decipher some of the cryptic dreams he had coming out of stasis, before finally giving up and twiddling around a small stick, looking out at the ocean and sky through one eye at a time. First through his right, through which everything seemed perfectly normal, then through his left, through which the moons stood out as soft orange against an almost perpetually black background. The sand on the beach was a dark blue through the eye, and was lapped by purple waves at the shore line. The fire blazed bright red and his comrades bodies stood out brightly colored against the dark blues and purples of the night around them. His eye started to blur and ache and he blinked it shut.

“Hey, Jones?” asked Jay, looking over at Davie, who opened his eyes up and looked over in his direction, “I’ve been curious, what scarred up your face?”

Jay looked over at Cass for a flicker of a moment, then back at Davie. He followed the glance, then looked at the sand on the ground in front of him. He frowned for a moment in memory, then raised his eyebrows and nodded to himself. He looked beck again, first at Cass, then at Jay, then at the rest of the group sitting around the bonfire. He snickered. “What’s the pool up to?”

Cass raised her eye brows and giggled a tipsy giggle. “What??” she asked in surprise, looking around. “The pool,” repeated Davie, “what’s it up to?”

“What pool?” asked Jay with a smile.

“The pool of cash you have as bet money for whoever can figure out what gave me this.”

He pointed to his face to indicate the scars across the left side. “How did you find out?!??”

“It’s happened before, what’s the pool up to?”

“25 quid.” Replied Jay. “Let me know when it reaches a thousand.” said Davie, rolling onto his back. “And what if you don’t live that long?”

“Five hundred then.” he said, rolling over onto his back and pulling a blanket from knapsack and falling asleep.

* * *
The next morning Davie awoke to find himself face to face with the severed head of the animal they had eaten last night. He pulled away and knocked it back towards the ashen remains of last night’s bonfire. “cass…” he grumbled under his breath, remembering the similar gift he’d left for her in her bed 3 million plus years ago. He sat up straight and looked over at Gomez who groaned from under his pillow a few feet away. “Ay Dios Mio…”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Hangover.” answered Alex, who was sat on the other side of Gomez, digging around in his pockets. “Someone please tell the ocean not to wave so loudly…” Alfredo groaned again. “Speaking of hangovers,” piped up Alex. “we saved you a few beers from last night Dave.”

“I don’t drink.” he looked up to see Alex pulling a pack of cigs out of his pants pocket and popping one in his mouth. “But I do smoke on occasion, hand me one of those.”

“What do you have to trade for it?”

Davie stared at him for a moment. “Ah it’s not worth it…” he said to himself stretching his arms away from his body and yawning deeply. “Hey Jones!” called Jay, walking over from the wooded end of the beach where most of the others were gathered, Cass following him a close second, “you want to have a Surfing contest?”


“Do you fancy a little surfing contest?”

“You don’t exactly strike me as the surfing type, Jay.”

“Well I’ve surfed once or twice over the last six years, and seeing as there’s not much else to do around here I figured it might be fun.”

“And,” interjected Cass, “the lighter gravity on the planet will make for some nice big waves.”

“Gnarly.” corrected Davie. “What?”

“Gnarly waves.”

“So how about it Dave? Have you ever surfed before?”

Davie stared at the ground for a moment as The Surfing Bird started playing in his head and images of one of his favorite AR flashed in his mind: Fiji Surf Rider. When the planet Fiji was flooded by a planet wide earthquake that submerged all dry land masses by at least 4 inches of water the Fijian government decided to compensate most of the financial loss the flooding incurred by commissioning a popular AR software company to create a game that blew the situation entirely out of proportion, and allowed the player to surf the circumference of the planet and ride massive waves through the most famous Fijian landmarks, major cities, and natural wonders. The game was so popular that the company produced two sequels: Fiji Surf Rider: Tectonic Explosion and Fiji Surf Rider: Attack of the Giant Sea Urchins.

“You could say that.” Davie said after a moment.

“Good, then let’s get started!” Jay said excitedly and turned to walk back to the tree line. “Hold on,” Davie called after him, “Just what do you suppose to use for boards?”

“Hang on!” Jay called back. After a few moments he came jogging back with two large planks, one under each arm, that much to Davie’s surprise actually turned out to be surfboards. He stood up and enthusiastically took one of the boards from Jay, noting the slightly charred wood. “Well how the smeg did you manage this?” he asked excitedly. “Local trees and the laser bone saw from the Star Bug’s medibay wired to an extension power cord.” replied Cass. “I’m impressed.” Davie added with a smile, “Ugh, I just though of something.”


“You don’t think the water is gonna make us puke, do you?”

“It shouldn’t, not from any of my scans.” Cass said reassuringly

“Cool, that’s all I needed to know. Now let’s catch some waves. Who goes first?”

“Me and you.” said Jay with a manic grin. “Is that a challenge?” Davie asked, cocking his head slightly with an amused smile. Cass whistled some old western stand off music and the group looked towards them. A few moments later they were both clothed down to their shorts, carrying their boards to the water. Davie rolled his eyes as he realized Jay was running towards the water like David Hasselhoff in Baywatch. When they hit the water the two of them started paddling furiously into the swell. Davie held up for a moment and watched Jay paddle on ahead into a small wave. As he started to ride it back Davie shouted to him. “You’ll wanna keep that nose up - - you’re pearling!!” he shouted as Jay fell off the board and landed with a large splash in the water. “Hehehe!! Wipeout…!”

Jay came sputtering up. “Yeah you’re one to talk,” he said hauling himself back up onto the board, “you’re not even watching the wave!”

“Huh?” Davie looked up to see a wall of water rushing towards his face, knocking him into the water next. He bobbed back up and spat out sea water. “It’s alright,” Jay smiled, “you needed a bath.”

Davie hauled himself back onto his board and frowned as Jay unnecessarily flexed his muscles. He followed Jay’s gaze back to the beach. “I don’t think she’s impressed with the whole life guard thing, dude.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Davie laughed. “Right....”

They paddled off towards a very large heading towards them.

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