The Seymour Giveth and the Seymour Taketh Away.

It had been pretty groovy finding everyone organised and competently manning their stations. Alex wondered if perhaps he shouldn't be so cynical and distrustful of his crewmates. How grumpy and foolish he'd been! He nodded at Niples who greeted him with only minimal flap. Impressive.
<snip>“Mister Solvay, thank god you've arrived. We need your expertise.”</snip>
Alex was taken aback and wondered for a moment if perhaps Seymour was actually intending to treat him with respect for once. He'd assumed he was being summoned like a servant to mend something, not to be consulted on a problem. Despite the immenent danger, he felt himself relax a little. He glanced around, noticing that Jacky's goggles were staying on his head, Justin was concentrating on his monitor, and the colour was back in Cass's cheeks.
A warm feeling came over him. Just maybe everything was going to be all right after all. They'd work together, as a team. Yeah! They'd get through this latest misadventure efficiently and unscathed!
He smiled at Niples, temper better than it had been in days.
“What can I do for you, Seymour?”
<snip>“I need you to push me around, my arms are killing me!” [he replied], turning his back. “Now push me over to the sensor desk!” </snip>

Of course.
The warm feeling began slipping away.
He wheeled the pompous ambassador towards the desk, and thought about how drunk he was going to get later. He was sad that Gomez wouldn't be there to share a brewski or twoski. The feeling was now luke warm. He wheeled Seymour on and rolled his eyes as they passed Justin's station. The monitor Pancake was staring at so intently wasn't a sensor feedback display as he'd supposed, but in fact an old digital edition of “Wicked and Wobbly”. They reached the main sensor desk just as Kong tripped over Efof's leg.
It wasn't long before Seymour was barking orders like an absurd Jean-Luc Picard. Alex's warm feeling left with nary a backward glance.

Another feeling entirely engulfed him as he watched Monroe confront Seymour. Damn she was smokin' hot. He wondered if... No. ... No? No. Probably not. Maybe... No.

It was about then that Bedge's arms were sausageified. Most of the Dwarfers were alarmed. Justin however double took and howled with laughter. He rolled on the floor crying. The huge sim looked pathetic. Solvay was unsure if it was sad or extremely funny. His lip twitched into a half smirk and he settled on the latter.

<snip>Seymour beamed, then turned to the rest of the crew who were looking horrified at the little moment he and Monroe were sharing. “Set course for the comet, it would be a crime to rid the world of Stiphalis silk!”</snip>

Cass's brows disappeared under her hair. “Are you nuts!? We can't put the human race in danger for the sake of CLOTHES!”
“Well sorry, I'm in charge and I say we can.” Seymour's jaw jutted indignantly.
“F'smeg's sake! I knew this would happen.” Alex muttered.
Efof looked at him. “Really? With the silk and everything? That's amazing.”
Alex screwed up his face. “... No.”

Jacky seemed bewildered. Justin was still laughing at Bedge. Cass looked like she was about to murder someone. Monroe whispered into the giggling Justin's ear “Don't forget our little... arrangement.” Then slinked across the room where she sat seductively in a chair at the opposite console.

“Jacky!” Niples snapped. “Come on! The comet. Plot a course.”
Kong glanced about, unsure, sweating.
“Oh fine, I'll do it myself!” Seymour wheeled to Kong's station.

Alex looked around at the crew. “Erm, isn't anyone going to stop him?”
Without warning, the baby-armed Bedge launched himself at Seymour. He had no way of effectively stopping himself so he crashed onto the wheelchair, catapulting the surprised Niples the width of the drive room, where he landed on an even more surprised Monroe's lap. She screamed.
Justin erupted into laughter again.

Jelena walked in, yawning. “Sorry, Holly did wake me but I had a late night so asked him to snooze for 15 minutes. Did I miss anything?”

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