Shut Up And Drive 4

Gummy Jaxx and Silky Eve were confused when they saw Jay racing the wrong way. Silky Eve asked, "Where is he going?" Gummy Jaxx replied, "Maybe he like got lost and stuff." The two kept driving on past some of the crews Go-Karts. They past Jacky and Artemis as they were advancing with less evil cars on the road.

“Hurry up pissing” Alex called, sniggering at the grown up word. He’d used it on purpose.
“My name’s not Pissin’!” Plisken retorted.
“Come on! Hurry up in case them spiky people come back.”
“Aye, and we’ve still got a race to finish... Haven't we?”
As Plisken emerged from the bushes, Alex scratched the back of his neck in thought.
"Uhm, can I ask a question?"
"Go on..."
"... Is 'Squarange' a word?"
Mini-Plisk squinted at Sorbet's freckled face and blinked.
"... What's that got to do with anything?"

What the two adorable littluns didn’t see, was the large boulder high on top of the cliff, being pushed by one of the death-race cars.

After Gummy Jaxx and Silky Eve past Lemon Sorbet and Plisken they seem to be in the lead. Silky Eve looked up ahead and saw a sigh 'Jaw Breaker Turn Pike Ahead!' as she yelled, "Hey look out for the trap ahead!" Gummy Jaxx nodded as he kept his attention ahead. Then at the corner of his eye, Gummy Jaxx saw some evil cars gaining on them. Gummy Jaxx yelled, "We totally got company coming!" Silky Eve saw the danger in her mirrors as replied, "Awwwww smeggers!" Just as they entered 'Jaw Breaker Turn Pike' they saw a half-pipe road with giant rolling jawbreakers moving side to side. Silky Eve lead the way as Gummy Jaxx followed her around the Giant Jaw Breakers. Every now and then an evil car was hit by a giant Jaw Breaker.

Silky Eve was making awesome hairpin turns out of danger, unlike Gummy Jaxx was barely missing any dangers by a hair. Suddenly one of the evil cars launched a missile at Silky Eve. Gummy Jaxx quickly swerved in front of the missile and brace for impact only to see there was no explosion. As Jaxx looked in his mirror he saw the missile had bounced off his gummy shark car and flew back to the evil car and exploded. Gummy Jaxx, "Was both shocked and excited by this event as he yelled, "This is so awesome!" The two racers then came to the end of this section and headed down an open road.


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