That wasnt very demonic

White Wolf took advantage of the distraction Jaxx created and jumped on Demon Phil's back and began biting the back his head while Jaxx used his makeshift flails to beat on the legs of Demon Phil hoping to wear him out while Jay and the others figured out a plan.

<< end snip >>

It was at this point that the effects of the ointment, combined with the effort being expended by fighting the others bugn to take it's toll. With an rather audiple , and rather painful *pop*, LuciPhil's wings regressed back into his body, causing him to drop to to the ground (with a smaller pop and thud caused by a demoinc MP losing his wings as well, landing in some thing the dwarf hoped was water)

Still mainting his demonic form, LuciPhil roared and was about to use WW as a make shift basbeall-bat, when something one of the mortals around him caught his attention.

<< “What are you a doctor of anyway?”
“Dimensional and Temporal Physics and Mechanics. >>

Pfft, silly mortal, he could teach him a few things about that, he should see the time fridge...

Wait that wasnt a demonic thought. Who was that?

Me you crazy demonic mofo came an intenal voice.

"WHo is THAT!!" is scremaed, throwing back against a WW against a wall. Despite the situations the crew had been in over the years, the sight of Satan clasping his head and screaming was something that caused all present, even the newly arrived Ransom.

Time to take back MY body i think vowed the original personality/mind of Phil.

He stood still, shuddered, and for a breif moment, his expression became, well, normal

"I don't have long , so listen...carefully..I'm a distraction...You need to find and stop Tara, I cant go after her, she...well you know why I cant. Take the midget if needed...but" and his voice grew strained, having to force everyone of them out of his mouth, as if his very body was fighting against him.

"Sod this!" and with a supreme effort reached down and grapped the coffee-vial from White Wolfs kit and broke it open above his mouth, swallowing the lot in one go, with what can be described as a firery belch that smelt like MP's undewear draw to follow.

He stood perfectly still, like a steel girder, then uttered the phrase "Well, that was fun whilst it lasted.." and then, whilst remianing rigid, fell forward onto his face, still in lucicer form.

The assembled crew simply looked at each other as what they assumed was "normal" phil snoring , passing gas and mumbling somethng about the bolivian navy doing manuvers.

"Well...what do we do now?"


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