Alien Physiology

Jade handed the… Man? Woman? From an initial glance it looked like neither and both, a cardboard like bowl and gestured to the floor where the puddle of vomit was. She then smiled and gestured at the bowl before speaking up.

“For next time.” The doctor said, miming throwing up into the bowl. Tu’ nodded and clung to the bowl making small pathetic mewling noises. “Artie I’m a doctor, not a geneticist. I need something to work with.” Jade said looking at the alien physiology with a shrug.

“She’s stunning…” South mumbled.

“It’s sentient and living, just like me and you. Stop looking at it like it’s an object to be studied. It could be male for all we know.” Jade growled at South.

“But we could learn so much…” He said.

“Just for that.” Artie interrupted with what would be a sadistic grin playing across his monitors, “You can analyse the puke.” She made a shooing motion with his manipulators and South begrudgingly shut up and began to scrape vomit off the floor.

“This isn’t what I meant.” He scowled.

“Yeah, I’m not taking blood samples or cutting bits off.” Jade said, also shooing South away to another corner of the lab. Tu’ seemed to relax as the creepy smiling guy was no longer staring at her. Jade crouched down to Tu’Vass’ level and pointed at herself. “I’m Jade. Doctor Jade Black.” Artie was running a scanner over the alien, and she glances warily towards it. “It’s ok. We are trying to help….” She paused as Tu’ looked back at her and pointed to herself again. “Jade.” Tu’ understood and spoke up, her voice chirping hesitantly.

“Usamiram, Tu’Vass.”

“Usamiram?” Jade frowned and pointed at Tu’.

“Tu’Vass.” Tu’ shook her head and repeated her name again. She tried a weak smile but felt nauseous again and grimaced. Jade placed a hand gently on her shoulder.

“It’s ok, we’ll work out what’s wrong soon.” She gave one of her warmest smiles to Tu’. “Artie, do you have any blankets in here?” Jade asked, looking around the sterile room.

“Yes, yes. In the drawers over there.” He gestured vaguely and continued to analyse the alien. Jade retrieved a blanket and wrapped it around Tu’. “

Ha!” South exclaimed “It’s just a stomach bug.” He looked up from his position over a microscope and grinned.

“I think we’d all worked that out.” Artie quipped as Tu’ expelled more bodily fluids orally.

“Well we need to get some fluids into it at any rate. It looks dehydrated and feverish. Although a body temperature this high and fluid levels this low could be normal for all I know…” Jade screwed her face up in concern, as she arranged a bag of saline fluids then paused. “Can we use our normal medical techniques? I mean, a saline fluid would have killed a Mollopod…” Jade said concerned.

“Does she look like a Mollopod to you Doctor Black?” Artie laughed.

“No, but you know my point.” Jade said with a scowl, feeling utterly helpless to treat an alien with physiology so different to their own. “There’s nothing I can do till we know more.” She walked over to the comms and punched in commands to get through to Cass. “Hey Cass. Can you get into their computer and get me any medical records over there? Anything on their physiology at all would help.”

“Sure, give me a second…” Cass’ voice echoed across the room out of the speaker. Tu’Vass was laid on her side moaning when Cass got back to them. “It’s downloading now, although you aren’t going to like it.” Jade could imagine the slight sideways frown on Cass’ face as she bit her bottom lip analysing the data.


OOC – Tag. What do we find? Obviously it’s all in Tu’Vass’ bio with the no immune system and the lack of human foods etc…

Tu’Vass, how do you want us to fix this? You’ve written us into a corner, as anything we have on board the ship is going to kill you and you can’t tell us how to fix it.

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