Fashionably Late

Before heading to Kalena's, Chiren aka Jack, had to calm LeLu down since she was not to comfortable with Jack leaving her and heading into a den of the enemy. Jack reassured her he would be fine and he was planting some evidence to incriminate her anyway. He just planned to go in listen to them babble as they got drunk, plant the evidence and leave on good terms without them noticing. Once he finally left the estate he took two undercover Rising Star Bodyguards in armor to keep their identity a secret and help him escape if all went wrong.
(I will leave their Identity a blank for Auriel to mess with)

"Pardon me, my lady," her majordomo interjected. “Dinner will be ready shortly."
"Thank you, Perun," Kalena said. "Has Mister Akbaje or Count Soldor arrived yet?"
"No, but His Grace the Count RSVPed."
Kalena smiled. "Ah, excellent. Then I'm quite sure that he'll be along any time now."
If there was any one person that would know a lot of useful information about Tyreth it was Chiren, who as one of Thalia's leading advisors would have seen the former knight often around the royal palace. If she showed him the letter that was ample evidence of Tyreth colluding with bandits, Chiren might just go ahead and order Tyreth's immediate arrest, sparing Kline the complications of trying to resolve the matter himself.
Kalena looked to Kline and Gularzob with a cheeky smile. "There, gentlemen, you see? I was able to spar well enough, and without suffering so much as a scratch or a tear. Of course an épée doesn't have a cutting edge or even a sharp point," she said, gesturing to the silver-plated knob on the end of her sword before handing it off to an attending slave.

After a decent ride in the fancy carriage they arrived fashionably late to Kalena's estate. Since Chiren's face was well known he had little trouble getting past the guards at the entrance and arrived at the front door where Count Chiren left the carriage with one guard as the other guard parked the carriage and tended to the horses. After a loud knock and waiting a minute, the door was answered by the butler who seemed to be expecting Chiren. The butler gracefully welcomed Chiren and his two guards now and led them to Kalena and her guests before announcing them.

Butler: Please welcome her majesty's advisor.....Count Chiren Soldor.

After a the formal greeting was over Chiren gracefully and boldly greeted Kalena and smirked at her as he told her he was delayed with work.

Chiren: I planned to arrive earlier Ms. Valade, but sadly work interfered. It seems some nobles are making back door dealings with some unsavory characters as of late. However by the lovely smell in the air it seems I am just in time for a fabulous dinner. So do tell what did I miss?


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