Dim does not approve

Dim was furious. This was the first real good battle he'd had in months. Already he had hacked and slashed his way through at least a dozen Draugr. Unless some of them were reformed versions of the ones he'd already slashed to giblets, which was a real possibility, them being undead and all.

At one point during the battle, the tiny waifish girl (who still owed him the sex when all calmed down) had been cast backwards by the witch. Dim had hurled an axe one of the Draugr had dropped in the direction of the witch in retaliation, but the shadows seemed to take care of it without her even actively controlling them, deflecting the axe out to sea.

That had been the signal to Dim to stick to what he was good at: killing lots of things violently in a short span of time. The girl (Luna, some mostly dormant section of his brain piped up) seemed to be safe anyhow. But now his glorious streak of violence was suddenly ended by lightning cleaving the boat in half!

It was obvious whose fault it was. There were two wizarding types doing battle, and the one in black wasn't playing nice. It was obvious this was her fault. As the halves of boat began to tilt away from each other, and as Cali was now completely engaged in a cataclysmic struggle with the ice elf, Dim knew he had but a moment to avenge the loss of his glorious killing streak.

He holstered his axes in his belt and grabbed the nearest, heaviest object he could find. It happened to be a canonball. He cupped it in his right hand, gained his footing, took careful aim...

...and hurled the 32 pound ball in an arc heading directly for Cali's center of mass.

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