The Watchers

Such a convergence of power had not been seen in the realm of Vanaheim since the Ragnarok. The three ancient beings stood atop a high sea cliff and watched the embattled ship approach.

"It is an ill omen." hissed Aengus . His youthful eyes seeing the sparks of dark energy swarming the distant vessel.

Ogmios shook his head, "That is not clear. It has been years since any have crossed the ocean of mist to visit these shores."

Taranis gave a snort, "So much the better. We have troubles enough without such visitors."

And with that Taranis raised his open palm towards the heavens and lightning tore through the boiling clouds and then down towards the ship.


On board the ├Źslendingur the Ice Elf and the Witch were now gripped in a deadlock of titanic power. The potion taken by Varan was as promised taking her abilities to a god like level of potency and in turn the possessed Cali was fighting back with every once of the considerable power in her possession.

All around the ship the other companions were locked in combat with the Draugr sailors or trying to subdue the attacks of Olin and Tiella who had been turned against them by the dark witch.

There came no warning. There was no break in the fight to allow preparation. It just happened. One moment the deck of the ship was a battleground and the next... Lightning fell amongst them. Flash after flash, hit after hit. Timbers were burst asunder by the white hot blasts. Several Draugr, including their captain were incinerated where they stood.

The ├Źslendingur began to tilt to port. All thought of battle was now gone from the minds of everyone but Varan and the Witch. They stood like loadstones in the centre of the deck as the ship broke apart around them.


From their view point the three beings watched as the last bolt of lightning tore the dark ship in two sending its surviving occupants sprawling into the misty depths beneath.

"Well that is the end of them." Aengus said with a shrug.

"The Dagda will not be pleased." Ogmios gave a sigh as he turned away.

"Fuck the Dagda." growled Taranis as he watched the ship sink.

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