The Others

“Tiella, forgive me for being so direct, but you seem changed since your miraculous return. Did something happen during your revival?”

The creature calling herself Tiella eyed Dyvia warily for a moment before answering. "I dare say that anyone who has been where I have been would return changed. I was dead, truly dead, not just visiting." she shrugged, "You are correct, I am much changed, but beyond that admission I have no answers."

They were silent for a moment then listening to the sound of the nearby waves as they crashed upon the shore and the soft rustle of the trees. It was the silent voice of her winged brother that first warned Tiella that company was approaching. The Raven flew into sight then just ahead of a group of young beings with elf like features. They were armed.

Tiella stood as they emerged from the treeline, a young blonde female leading them. She raised her hand and smiled.

"We found your companions wandering our forest and have come to bring you to them. Raise no weapon and all will be well. Come.."

The youth looked from Tiella to Dyvia and then over to Olin and Varan who had been sitting a way off talking amongst themselves. Her eyes then fell on Mimir and she started her hand grasping a wicked looking dagger at her side.

"It has been many years old one." She called over to Mimir, "The Dagda will be eager to speak with you."

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