The Elves

Erik and Theo both shared a glance as the oddly cheerful Fey motioned to guide them.
Theo then turned to Balar.
“I don’t trust this. If a group of dirty, ugly sods washed up on my shore, I wouldn’t be throwing open the mead hall doors. I’m thinking we go back to the others and then go along with it. Make sure that everyone is well.”
Already on edge, his mind added more to it as it reminded him of his elven bow.
Erik was taking this event with more grace, mystified that they had found their way to the land of the elves.
He couldn’t help but smile at Dim, the dwarf always on a one-track mind.
“We should not have doubted you.”
He hung back with Balar and Theo, looking to Luna as she was led away. He wasn’t as skeptical as Theo, but their sudden interest in her was worrying.
“I must agree with Theo. What did he mean by, You will do?”
Back on the shore, Mimir sat a part from the others, waiting for word from Balar. Dyvia poked at the fire, letting it die down slowly in case they had to move.
Olin and Varan remained together, besides the ice powers it was almost as if Cali hadn’t left how they acted.
A brooding concern of his was Tiella. Once again he got the feeling that something wasn’t right about her, but couldn’t place it.
“Tiella, forgive me for being so direct, but you seem changed since your miraculous return. Did something happen during your revival?”

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