Free passage

Theo had finally caught up to the group, he had been following the armored one for a short time. As the man bent to clean himself, Theo knotched an arrow and readied to sink it into he man's open skin.
He sucked in his breath and cursed as another being joined him..and they came with a wolf.
Humans and elves were easy prey, dwarves were tough, but many of the norths creatures had a strength greater than his.
He quickly grabbed some pine needles and rubbed them against himself, hoping that he could hide his scent quickly. Either way, he hadn't been spotted and he let a breath out.
Erik watched Kespin trudge through the snow, the old man showing a vigor beyond his age.
"Kespin, how old are you?"
Kespin chuckled and turned to face the Jotun.
"Older than either one of us knows."
Another groan and Erik almost let the subject die, bit had one more thought he wanted to try.
"What is with the book? And I swear if you tell another half-assed response."
This brought a guffaw to the withered traveler and his jovielty didn't wane with his response.
"It holds answers that I seek and that could possibly be our salvation. Runes and ravings mark it's pages and I dedicate myself to realizing their true nature."
This made Erik silent, an odd answer, but an answer it was.
Shaking his head, he looked over to see the rogue, Garand. His rage towards the elf had not settled, with all his heart he wanted to send him ahead of the group, but a small part of him found a bidding respect for him. Even with news of death he hadn't ran, but then again, it was only a matter of time.

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