The Earrings

Thrass narrowed his red eyes at the hand settled on the blaster, but said nothing of it. His gaze returned to Ghost and he tilted his head in slight confusion. "You look like her but you don't have the earrings." He muttered.

"Earrings?" Ghost's voice was barely above a whisper, recalling the moment she had torn the earrings from her ears and thrown them at Ryze in her emotional rage. Hugging her stomach, she looked away. "Did he know my mother?"

Shrugging, the Chiss hid both hands within the pockets of his jacket. "I know of her. The way you're talking, you must be her child, though there is no record of that in the files I have." He stated with a slight grin before finally responding to Mar. "If I were in the way of royalty you would have just shoved a lowlife gunner like me aside without stopping."

Ring chirped behind Mira in agreement, earning it a hiss from Carla.

"What do you know about my mother?" Ghost seethed, ears standing up with irritation. The only answer she got was a shrug and another grin from the stranger. Something about the way he did that told the wolf-eared woman he was hiding what he really knew.

With an arched brow, Thrass chuckled. "You may call me Thrass," He said calmly. "So, where is it you're heading?"


Jin'Lor felt more discomfort with each word Liden spoke, eyes glancing toward the tank again. "I've already gotten what I needed from your moronic minions..." He explained. What was with the unusual warmth heard in her voice? It was far more unsettling than anything else she had said before.

Dropping his arms, he slid one hand to a knife at his back, narrowing his eyes at her.

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