Jin'Lor felt more discomfort with each word Liden spoke, eyes glancing toward the tank again. "I've already gotten what I needed from your moronic minions..." He explained. What was with the unusual warmth heard in her voice? It was far more unsettling than anything else she had said before.

Dropping his arms, he slid one hand to a knife at his back, narrowing his eyes at her.

Liden was aware of his uneasyness, and the hand on the knife. She smirked. "Do you fear me so, my dear Jin'Lor? Have I not provided all you have asked and more? You have faced the terror I have, the Phantoms pose a threat. I am not your enemy."

Liden was hoping that Jin'Lor's paranoia could be assuaged. However, she was painfully aware of his deteriorated mental state. Should he decide then and there to attack she knew that as an immortal it would be impossible to kill him. She didn't want to kill him, because he was instrumental in potentially saving the galaxy. Losing him would be the greatest loss in the galaxy.


"We're on our way to the registry." Mar said. "To look for Ghost's mother. However if you know of her, it'd be a great help to us if you could tell us everything you know."

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