Splitting Up To Get Things Done

Thrass chuckled at the little droid before answering. "There's a place to buy a ship down that way." Jerking a thumb behind him in the direction they had been heading, he offered a lazy grin to Serenity in an attempt to follow the act they were obviously going with. "I can meet up with you somewhere once I get the information, if you like."

Mar shrugged then nodded. "Very well." Mar then handed Thrass a spare communicator. "Just call us when you get the info..."

Ghost looked to Mar, frowning. "Should we trust him?" She practically whispered, but in the back of her mind she wanted to know. Her mother was a complete mystery to her and if someone knew even a little about her, it was enticing. She was so desperate to know something about the woman she would meet some stranger for the information.

"I don't know if we have a choice in the matter. But he knows your mother, at least he knows her enough to see you in her. That's as good a place as we can start basically..." Mar sighed. "We'll have to trust The Force will see us through..."

Mira shrugged. "In the meantime, we should look at new ships."

Mar nodded then looked to Ghost and Serenity. "We also need to consider gaining some lodging for the evening. Maybe look at one of the inns?" He said to Serenity and Ghost.

Keran dropped down from his hiding spot above Thrass. "I can watch over the young ones while you look for a new ship."

Mar nodded. "Sounds good. Serenity, is that okay with you?"


Liden smiled and bowed to Jin'Lor. "Thank you, Jin'Lor. I am pleased to hear that. I am confident in your skills to get this done."

She left Jin to his work and went to the comms room to speak to the Ninth Sister. She was on her way to Mandalore to track down Mar and the others.

"What is thy bidding, my mistress?" The Ninth Sister asked.

"I want an update on your hunt."

"I'm on Mandalore. The place is crawling with bounty hunters and it looks like Leto and the others are trying to find something relating to the strange girl with ties to Jin'Lor... Shall I kill them mistress?"

"No. Leave them be and observe. Nothing more. I will tell you if we need to kill them but for now they are no immediate threat."

"As you wish." Ninth said, visible irritation on her face.

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