The First Step Into A Larger World

Ghost grimaced in disapproval. "I'm still not sure what you mean when you talk about The Force." She muttered while biting at her bottom lip. "I have this...ability...but don't understand it."

Looking to Keran with a slight smile, she nodded. "Can you explain it in detail when we get a room to stay in tonight? I...I want to learn."

Keran nodded, "Then teach you I shall. However, we will reserve the first lesson for after we secure lodgings"

" umm m-master I don't think I what if she attacks us and I don't understand how in work" she whimpered. She looked at keran consurn in her face." Master i can't handle it I grow up in complet isolation" she said dealing like a complete failure again.

Keran hopped onto Serenity's shoulder and put his hand on her reassuringly. "Don't fret, young one. Trust in The Force, and remember you are not alone. We are stronger together than alone. And together we can overcome the forces of The Dark Side."

Mar then went to Serenity and put his hand on her shoulder, drawing her close and placing his forehead on hers. "Don't worry, Serenity. I'm not gonna be gone long. Keran will watch out for you while I'm gone, and he's a Jedi Master. You can trust him. And hopefully soon we will have what we need to free Ryze and put this horrible business behind us." He smiled. "So, what do you say? You up to this?"


The Ninth Sister had lost her connection to the Jedi, so finding the others on Mandalore had proven difficult, however, finding an old Sith infiltrator was rather easy due to their rarity. She had a cloak wrapped around her, her hood obscuring her as she wandered the shipyards and soon found the infiltrator that Leto had been flying. Yet he was not there. She found, however, the other stranger. The one like Jin'Lor. She could sense his presence. However she knew her Mistress wished to not interfere in whatever plot Jin'Lor had for this Ripper and Ghost. So she opted to hang back and watch and wait. Leto would return in due course...

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