Thrass frowned at Mar's response as they got closer to the safe house. "I know a guy, but getting the ship is going to cost you." He warned the man calmly and aimed his blaster toward the water with a low growl. "Stay in your little pit, you nasties..."

Ring zoomed around, frantic as it hit the walls every now and then. The old droid could feel the pain Ryze was in, chirping and beeping the distress over this. Its own injuries from teleporting before were still giving it trouble.

"What's with that thing?" The chiss asked, gesturing to Ring as they kept moving and made it to the safe house.


A part of Ghost felt horrible for Ryze now. He was going to be at the mercy of Jin'Lor again and there was nothing she could do about.

Looking to Mira with guilt in her eyes, she bit back a whimper. Her ears seemed to fall back further with the knowledge of what her last words had been to her father. "I'm a horrible daughter..." She whispered and blinked back tears just as Thrass and Mar arrived, VT-L2 clinging to Mar's leg now.

Quickly composing herself, the wolf eared woman gazed at their new companion and Mar, but was surprised to see Serenity and Carla were gone. "Where's Serenity at?!" She blurted, having already grown very fond of the padawan.

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