"My So Called Life" is a Slice of Life game that takes place in Prep school called Sakura High School, in the city of Katz, California. The city of Katz is not to far from the coast and is a common spot for beach parties. It is told from the perspective of some of the students from Sakura High as they face issues that affect their lives such as grades, their future, sports, dating, identity crisis and fitting in. Its similar to the movie "Clueless" where rich kids try to fit in certain niches like cowboys, posh girls, skaters, GQ boys, rappers, potheads, political types, nerds, delinquents, trouble makers, snobs and etc.... Some characters can give off a different persona at school than behind the scenes for various reasons. However they will wear uniforms and live in the dorms on campus. Girls wear a blue plaid skirt with a white blouse, blue school tie and girls blue school suit coat. The guys will wear a white shirt, blue school tie, blue slacks and a blue school suit coat. The ties and coats have a school label on them. Some kids are from a wealthy family while others are on a scholarship, so there is some elitism in the school.

Make a character that is struggling to fit in as they have to deal with life choices. Please no God Modding or controlling of other characters without permission. This Game may have adult content but try to keep it classy since minors may read it.

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