A Twist Of Fate

Jack was in a foul mood as usual and ran five miles in the early morning to burn off some steam. Over the years he built up a lot of hostility hoping one day he could get his revenge over his childhood bully Ash. He trained everyday to make his body strong so he could one day confront his childhood bully who moved away. Just thinking about beating Ash's face in made him wickedly happy.

Jack was a weak and innocent boy growing up till he was bullied in Elementary School. His bully tormented him daily for a few years and constantly stole his robot toys. Then one day his bully beat him up real bad and stole his favorite robot before moving away. All he had left was the head of the robot that the bully snapped off and left behind.

Since then Jack trained non stop to get stronger so he would never get bullied again. He was good at sports and did well in school since he had no friends to distract him. he didn't want friends since he had trust issues and was focused on vengeance. By chance he got a scholarship to Sakura High and his parents insisted he attend.

As he was drinking his sports drink his mother informed him there was a letter from some named Ash and it said they would be waiting at the park for him. Jack had a wicked evil smile as he had prepared for this very day. At last he would get his revenge for ruining his life as a kid. It was because of Ash that Jack couldn't trust others and lost his innocent smile. Because of his need for revenge he focused on his training while thinking of beating Ash to a bloody pulp his smile became warped and looked evil. So even when he was in a good mood others would avoid him since he looked like he was up to no good. This caused him problems in the past and made it hard for his folks.

Seeing as he could get his revenge he didn't bother to shower and just dried his sweat on a towel before grabbing his keys and running to the park. Since the park was close he didn't have far to run and began his search for Ash. Sadly he could not find any guys around. Instead he just saw a cute girl in a cheerleader outfit practicing her cheers. Out of frustration he looked at the note again and saw that the note did say to be at this spot between the hours of 9 am and noon. He crumbled his note and threw it at the trash can but missed since the breeze moved it.

Then the cute cheerleader looked at Jack and the wad of paper on the grass. She stopped her practice and picked up the crumbled note before opening it to see the contents. After reading it she seemed happy as she looked at Jack and bounced to him with a beaming smile.

Ashley: Long time no see stranger.

Jack: Sorry but I don't knw you. I am waiting for someone.

Ashley: And who would that be?

Jack: My arch rival Ash. He should be here right now so you might want to leave before things get ugly.

Ashley giggled as she sized Jack up and made a crooked smile.

Ashley: Its been a while Jack.

Jack looked at the cute cheerleader with a puzzled expression.

Jack: Have we met?

Ashley: I'm hurt Jack. You don't recognize me?

Jack: Nope. Cute girls like you don't talk to me.

Ashley blushed when Jack said she was cute. She then put her hands behind her back to pop her chest out in a naughty manner.

Jack tried to ignore her but she really was cute and in the way as he looked for Ash. Seeing as he was not focused on her she then grabbed his face and made him look at her.

Ashley: Why aren't you paying attention to me Jack?

Jack: You're rather persistent aren't you? Look I am here to fight a guy named Ash.

Ashley: But I am Ash as in Ashley Bendiger. We used to be friends in Elementary School remember?

Jack dropped his jaw in disbelief. His poor brain was short circuiting as he looked at the cute cheerleader claiming to be the male bully who wrecked his life.

Jack: You're Ash?

Ashley smiled like a giddy school girl as she bounced a bit.

Ashley: Yes I am. Did you miss me?

Jack: No this can't be right. You're a girl. Ash was a boy.

Ashley: Yeah about that.....(twisting her hair in a coil)….. I was a bit of a tom boy back then and I liked doing boy things.

Jack: This is so wrong.

Ashley: But its okay we can still hang out right as friends?

Jack: Friends???? Are you insane? You kicked my butt on a regular basis. You shoved my face in the mud and stole my toys. How in the world were we friends?

Ashley: I'm sorry Jack: Back then I thought that's how boys acted.

Jack: You ruined my life! You're the reason I did all that insane training so I could put a beat down on you!

Ashley: So you want to hit me?

Jack: Hell yes I do!!

Ashley: Okay but only if we can be friends again.

Jack dropped his jaw at the shock from her answer. She actually gave him permission to hit her? Was this girl insane? Jack clenched his fist as Ashley closed her eyes and got ready for his punch. It didn't take long till his frustrations got the best of him as he rubbed his head and growled. Ashley realized Jack caved on his revenge plan and hugged him from behind.

Ashley: So we can be friends now?

Jack broke free from her hug and looked at her with confusion and concern.

Jack: Hell no! I still can't forgive you.

Ashley gave him a cute come hither look as she swayed side to side.

Ashley: Pleaaaase!!! Then to make it up to you I'll be your girlfriend.

Jack: Are you out of your mind?

Ashley: So you don't think I am cute enough?

Jack: You're plenty cute, but that's not the problem.

Ashley: So your fine with my looks then?

Jack: Yeah but...

Ashley: And you're into cute girls right? Not boys?

Jack: Of course I prefer cute girls! but.....

Ashley: So what's the problem here? I bet you don't get many cute girls willing to be your girlfriend.

Jack: What are you trying to pull?

Ashley: I missed you Jack and I want us to be close.

Jack: You're crazy! You know that?

Ashley blushed as she looked sheepishly at Jack.

Suddenly he felt like he was a little kid again getting bullied by Ash and he felt that fear he hated once again in his heart. He needed to escape so he looked for the exit and made a break for it, but before he could get far he felt pain behind his knees and his arm was twisted behind him. Ashley was on his back holding him in and arm bar as she whispered in his ear.

Ashley: Come on Jack say you will be my man and stop playing hard to get.

Jack struggled in pain and felt like a helpless kid again. However this time his bully was a cute cheerleader.

Jack: How did you do that?

Ashley: You're so silly Jack. My dad a martial art champion and a movie star. he taught me how to protect myself from bad boys.

Jack: I didn't attack you so why are you ding this?

Ashley: Oh Jack you're so forgetful. I want you to be my boyfriend.

Jack: And If I say NO!

Ashley twisted his arm a bit to make his moan in pain.

Ashley: I'll just have to use my feminine charm to change your mind.

Jack: That's not charm!!! That's violence!!

Ashley: Well your resisting me Jack and what's a girl in love to do? Please make it easier on yourself and say yes. I promise I'll treat you well.

Jack: You're not treating me well right now!!

Ashley: That's because you want to run away from me Jack. I'm a maiden in love you know. So don't break my heart oooooor…….

Ashley twisted Jack's arm a bit more to make him hurt.

Jack: You're gonna break my arm!! Why??? Why me??

Ashley: Cause I love you Jack.

Jack: You're crazy you know that?

Ashley: True love does make one crazy at times. So what's it gonna be Jack? Will you be using this hand to hold mine on a romantic date? or will I be drawing a heart your cast in the hospital?

Jack: That's extortion you know??

Ashley: Its just love Jack. Now decide.

Jack cried out in pain as she added pressure to his arm. he wanted to cry but didn't want to give her the satisfaction. He considered letting her break his arm but he had a feeling she would not stop there since she was clearly insane. He need time to make a new plan but it meant submitting for now and that irked him a lot.

Jack: OWWWWW!! Fine you win. Let me go!

Ashley kissed his ear and whispered to him.

Ashley: You promised? I will hold you to your word Jack. If you break your promise I might lose my cool you know.

Jack realized he was defeated and she was to crazy to put off. It angered him that she won yet again.

Jack: I agree so get off me already before you break my arm!!

Ashley released Jack and smiled like a naughty pixie as he sat up to rub his sore arm.

Ashley: So about that date. It doesn't have to be anything fancy so fast food and a movie would be fine. Oh and you will have to pick me up at my house and meet my parents. I know its a lot to begin with but daddy will insist since he is a bit over protective and all.

Ashely then tossed Jack his phone back to him as she smiled.

Ashley: I already add myself to your phone as "Girlfriend". Don't loose my number okay or I will find you.

Ashley gave him an evil giggle before she bent over and kissed his cheek. He couldn't believe she beat him yet again and now should could monitor him.

Ashley: We are going to be so happy together. Oh look at the time. I have to get home soon or daddy might come looking for me. later Jack.

Ashley pranced of and poor Jack was feeling emotional as he cried his heart out. It was the first time five years since he cried and now he could not stop it. Eventually he managed to get a grip and walked home in a pathetic state. He was starting school in two weeks and his arch rival and childhood bully was now his psych girlfriend. He was hating life now and wanted hide under his covers.


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