A Long Day of Work

It was one of the last days of work for the summer, and Jocelyn was just getting ready. It would be nice to finally be free for a few days before school started, new place new start. Hopefully things went better than they did before.

Looking in the mirror she looked at the left overs from a blackened eye. That purple-greenish color. Though still present enough to make makeup do not as much as she'd like with out caking it on. She finished putting on the makeup and put on her uniform, and grabbed her visor. "I could just call in..." she mumbled, rolling her eyes.

Heading out the door to the Golden Arches. "Oh joy." she mumbled seeing the line in the store, knowing shift change would mean she had to deal with it.

After hours of work it had died down a bit, but the most current customers were teens. Either just hanging out, or on dates.

Jocelyn stood behind the counter. Currently trying very very hard to hide her annoyance. In front of her stood a boy, about her age.

"Aw come one baby. Just say yes." he said, "You deserve better, I won't smack you around like your current boy friend." he said reaching out to the side of her face with the faint mark. "And you gotta know I am serious, because I still think you are hot even in that get up." he told her.

"If you don't want to order could you please leave the counter." she said rather monotone, she was about to continue when someone else walked in.

"...it's your treat." a female voice said as she dragged, a boy along with her.

"Ashley." the boy at the counter said in a very Broy manner. "Who's the nerd?"

Jocelyn's head sank, the boy's voice now at an 11. "Hey." he turned back to her. "Give me a minute. I'll be back."

"Can't wait." she said monotone, laying on the sarcasm thick.

"See told you, you'd warm up to me."


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