First Date

Cell Phone Ring Tone

Jack woke up in a grouchy mood to his phone ringing. He knew who was calling him before even looking at the phone. He wanted to turn it off or throw it against the wall out of instinct, but deep down he knew she would find him and would probably come get him at his house. It irked him how she could still bully him after all his training. True she was hot but he hated her calling the shots and forcing him to be her boyfriend. Finally he had enough of the phone ringing and picked it up.

Jack: What do yo want?

Ashley: Well good morning to you too sleepyhead.

Jack simply moaned as he rolled his eyes up.

Ashley: I was just calling to see when you were coming to pick me up for our date?

Jack: I can't go I'm busy.

Ashley: Liar. I know your still in bed.

Jack: How? …………

Jack looked around to see if she was out his window. Then he felt an impending fear as he knew she was close when he heard his mom's voice in the background.

Jack: Where are you?

Ashley: In your kitchen silly. You're made breakfast so clean yourself up and come say hello.

Jack: How? Why? When?

Jack was tongue tied as his logic was crumbling in his mind. He wanted to lash out but fear kept him from doing so.

Ashley: If you don't hurry up I might come in there and help you.

Jack: No need I can do it on my own!

Jack hung up the phone and screamed into his pillow out of frustration. All his training for revenge went up in smoke. Not only did he fail to get revenge, but his situation got worse now. His only saving grace was he was going to a prep school away from the house and could escape Ash's grasp. He had an evil smile when he considered that thought. He couldn't wait till she realized she would have to lose him to school. So he headed to the bathroom with a change of clothes and got cleaned up before heading to the kitchen.

There he found his dad reading the paper on his recliner and his mom in the kitchen with Ashley who looked cute in her designer shirt, shorts and low top sneakers. As soon as he was near the kitchen Ashley turned to him and smiled ever so gently and spoke up.

Ashley: Well good morning sleepyhead.

Jack groaned as he mumbled something and looked at her with a grouchy face.

Mom: Honey be nice. Normally you are just getting back from exercise. Are you not feeling well?

Jack: I.......

Ashley: That's probably my fault. Jack was helping me with my cheerleader exercises and hurt his arm. He is such a nice guy.

Mom: Oh dear. Are you okay Jack?

Jack looked at Ash who smiled at him as if she was an angel. He wanted to tell the truth and as if she read his mind Ashley cocked her head with an evil smile.

Jack: I.....

Ashley: Don't worry I bought him a bottle of medicine for the pain since I was worried.

Jack: What?

Mom: Oh you area such a lucky boy to have such a sweet girlfriend Jack.

Jack: Huh?

Mom: I mean you both played together as kids long ago and now that Ashley's back you have gotten closer. Its so romantic right dear?

Dad: Yes dear.

Mom: Your father used to be romantic when he was your age.

Jack: Mom please stop.

Ashley: He is so cute when he like that.

Mom: Isn't he? I mean after you moved he got so grouchy and all he did was exercise everyday. He stop playing with other kids played sports all by himself. I am so glad you are back in his life Ashley.

Ashley: So am I.

Ashley looked at Jack with a warm smile as if she had the upper hand yet again. Jack remembered this would be over when school started and leaked his evil grin at Ashley.

Mom: And it is such a relief that you both will be attending Sakura High School together. Since its a pre school Jack would have to live in the dorms so I was worried he would not make any friends.

Jack's evil smile quickly turned to despair as his mother talked. When he looked at Ashley she winked at him and blew a subtle victory kiss at him. His heart sank into his chest as he she won again. He wondered how she knew so much about him then he remembered his mom loved to gossip. Then there was something that irked him as he looked at Ashley. She was very cute and not all sweaty. How did she get here without a ride or a long walk so early in the morning?

Jack: Didn't you say I had to pick you up? How did you get here so fast?

Mom: Oh honey did you forget already? I have been telling you we had new neighbors all week and it just went in one ear and out the other. You are lucky Ashley likes you or you would be doomed to be single for the rest of your life.

Ashley: Oh you are to sweet Mrs. Gomez.

Mom: Oh looks like breakfast is ready.

As they enjoyed breakfast Jack felt his impending doom at the hands of Ashley. Somehow in the short time she came back she found out everything about him and played him once again. He hated her for it, but at the same time he found her cute and this conflicted him a lot. He put on a forced smile as he ate with his folks and Ashley. After breakfast they help mom clean up before Ashley dragged him to her house to meet her parents. Jack wanted to run away but at this point there was nowhere he could go to escape her.

Meeting her father was very awkward. He was the very definition of macho, since he was a retired martial art champion turned actor for action films. He had a stern and intimidating expression even when he smiled and joked around. Jack could see where Ashley got it from. Then he met her mother and she was a kind and sweet woman who was gorgeous. However when her husband was being to scary she would remain calm and sweet as she pinched his waist or arm to make him stop. Jack now understood where Ashley got her mindset from. This family was scary and he wanted to run away, but Ashley was holding his hand to keep him from escaping. When he started to pull away she would squeeze his hand as a reminder to behave. Visiting Ashley's folks was exhausting mentally, spiritually and physically for poor Jack. Oddly enough they seemed to be fine with him dating Ashley and even encouraged them. this was bad since poor Jack was now trapped.

Heading out the door to the Golden Arches. "Oh joy." she mumbled seeing the line in the store, knowing shift change would mean she had to deal with it.
After hours of work it had died down a bit, but the most current customers were teens. Either just hanging out, or on dates.

After leaving Ash's house Jack was on the verge of a mental break down. He didn't want to be with her or bullied by her anymore. To relieve some stress he would make snide comments or complain and Ash would shower him with affection instead before telling him if he ever left her she would find him. Then she would pinch his earlobe kiss his cheek forcefully. To lighten up the mood she made him begin the date with a long brisk walk to the nearest fast food place. Jack felt like a slave now and moaned when Ashley would speak to him affectionally. Eventually they arrived at the Golden Arches fast food place. Jack hadn't been here since he was a little kid since he was dedicated to working out. he hardly recognized the place since it had been several years for him. Luckily it wasn't so busy now as they walking in the building. As they came in they saw a pretty boy hitting on the girl at the counter. Since he was friendless Jack barely knw anyone.

Jocelyn stood behind the counter. Currently trying very very hard to hide her annoyance. In front of her stood a boy, about her age.
"Aw come one baby. Just say yes." he said, "You deserve better, I won't smack you around like your current boy friend." he said reaching out to the side of her face with the faint mark. "And you gotta know I am serious, because I still think you are hot even in that get up." he told her.

Ashley gently tugged on Jack's hand as she led him to the line for ordering. She put her finger on her lips as she debated on what to eat as she gently massaged Jack's hand. Jack was looking grumpy as he was feeling like a slave in Ash's hand. To make things worse he had to listen to a player hit on the counter girl who was also annoyed by him.

"If you don't want to order could you please leave the counter." she said rather monotone, she was about to continue when someone else walked in.
"'s your treat." a female voice said as she dragged, a boy along with her.
"Ashley." the boy at the counter said in a very Broy manner. "Who's the nerd?"
Jocelyn's head sank, the boy's voice now at an 11. "Hey." he turned back to her. "Give me a minute. I'll be back."
"Can't wait." she said monotone, laying on the sarcasm thick.
"See told you, you'd warm up to me."

Joey Donner waisted no time hitting on Ashley as if it was as simple as breathing air. Jack wanted to leave but Ash simply squeezed his hand to keep him close. He felt like a dog on a leash at this point. Joey bragged about being a model and having a fancy car which caused Ashley to roll her eyes up with annoyance. Then Joey compared himself to Jack who was feeling grouchy at this point. It was bad enough he had to obey Ash, but listening to this pretty boy brag about himself while looking down on him was getting on his nerves. Out of instinct Jack gave Joey an evil smile as if he was going to hurt him.

Out of fear Joey swung at Jack only to have his fist caught and squeezed tightly. Jack was feeling empowered as he was going to unleash on the pretty boy and break him starting with his hand. Since Ash was hldinghis other hand he got confused on how to his Joey. Then the manager showed up and saw the situation.

Manager: What's going on?

Ashley: Sir please help. This guy has been hitting on all the girls here and then attacked my boyfriend.

The Manager then looked at Jocelyn to confirm what she said. Based her reaction he then spoke up to Joey.

Manager: Sir I need you to leave the premises or I will call the police.

Joey was confused as he realized he was in a pickle since going to jail would be bad for his image. He pulled away from Jack and rubbed his sore hand before walking out of the restaurant. He then got into his fancy car and took of like he owned the road. Ashely snickered at him like he was pathetic. Then she pulled Jack forward to the counter as she spoke up.

Ashley: Thank you very much for that sir. That guys was clearly causing trouble.

The manager was flattered by Ashley as he fixed his tie. It was obvious she was making him nervous with her smile. Then he welcomed to the Golden Arches and told them to enjoy their date before heading to the back as he walked a bit funny. Jack was annoyed that Ashley was good at making guys do what she wanted. He still had a grouchy face as he sighed and felt Ash tug his hand a bit.

Ashley: So sweety what would you like to order? I was thinking a Caesar Salad since I am trying to stay healthy?

Jack: Fine whatever.

Ashley kissed him on the cheek to spite him. Then she looked at Jocelyn and spoke up.

Ashley: Two Ceaser Salads and two large sweet teas please. It that okay Jack?

Jack: Fine.

Ashley was very happy and loving as she leaned on him. Jack sighed with a grouchy expression as he pulled his wallet out and looked at Jocelyn.

Jack: How much?


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