Let The Games Begin

The first day back; Doug had gotten up in his private room. Gotten dressed. Decided to not work out because well he didn't think he needed it; he got enough of a workout with the sports he usually did. He was already beyond good at them; why should he waste his time with the extra workouts?

One last look in the mirror and off he went to breakfast; quickly finding the table. The table of the only kids he would deem to sit with. The rich kids. Popular. He had grabbed some food and sat down. "Hey, Doug." One of the rich girls gave him a wave back. He smiled and waved back at her. New target? Well, she was new but had been accepted to their ranks. Maybe, she was easy and this would go well for him.

He took a seat next to her and started talking to her. She was a freshman, from Europe, her parents owned some shipping company. He pretended to be fascinated by her words. Sure, why not. Target number one.

Looking around he spotted a few kids that would be on his radar. Mostly, his brother who had just walked in and had found a seat with some other nerds. Later. He'd deal with that later.

He spotted some people he didn't recognize and some other sports guys, the scholarship guys. Rose Newhall was apparently back. With that girl, Sam, whatever her last name was. Rose could have been with the popular crowd but didn't seem to care that she wasn't An idea Doug couldn't understand at all.

The bell rang and it was off to 1st class. He made it to first period just under the second bell. Sitting behind some girl and next to a friend of his, another jock. Doug laughed at his friend kicking the seat of the nerd. The teacher spoke up and then the moment he turned around, Doug did a sideways, low high 5 to which his friend reciprocated. Yup, this was gonna be a great year.

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