Settling In

Zander made his way out of his room and found his friends in the cafeteria. It was his first official day of school here but he had found his niche easily the moment he found the other nerds. He had noticed Doug there but ignored him.

He and the other nerds that he had been sitting with proceeded to leave for class before the bell rang. This wasn't just because they were that studious but because they wanted to avoid what could possibly happen in the hallways after the first bell.

They had no choice for the other classes but first period was one they could do this for. Zander's first class was Language Arts. He wasn't really with people he already knew in this class and upon walking in he took a seat in the front, not really near anyone. Of course, eventually, people sat behind and beside him.

There was a girl who seemed to sit beside a guy and a girl with glasses. Two blonde girls who seemed to be friends. A guy who walked in and sat towards the back. And some other people. He figured that most people would assume he was a transfer.

Ms. Davidson seemed nice and while Language Arts wasn't a favorite subject; if Zander was learning he was happy.

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