Language Arts

Rose and Sam found their first class; Language Arts. Neither of them loved or hated classes like this. Rose thought it was better than math but not as good as art. Looking around they found to seats in time to see who else would be in the class with them. There was the boy who had been jogging on the track and the girl who had been with him on the park bench. Some girl in glasses who seemed to be talking with them. Maybe, a few others that they recognized.

There was a tallish boy with dark hair that came and sat down in the next row over. Rose glanced over towards him and leaned in towards Sam.

"Do you know him?"

Sam followed her friend's glance and shrugged. "No clue. He must be new or a freshman."

There did seem to be Freshman mingled with Sophomores in this class so it was a possibility.

It was probably because Sam wasn't thinking in that direction but it took a moment for her to realize the new boy was the only new person that Rose had asked about. She got a little subtle grin on her face and leaned over. "Do you..." but her words were cut off as the teacher, Ms. Davidson started talking.

The question would have to wait until later.


Kyle found his way to Language Arts through the confusion of the hallways. He didn't know anyone in class but he had seen a few of the same people in the cafeteria. He found a seat and said a "Hey" to some guy sitting next to him. Got a "hey" back.

He had noticed a blonde girl glancing his way and talking to her friend but Kyle didn't have a big ego and wasn't about to assume anything. So, he figured it was just the typical 'whose the new kid.' He wasn't particularly concerned about it but then noticed her friend's slight grin. Still, not wanting to assume anything he figured he could find them and talk to them later.

Ms. Davidson started talking, some chuckles came from the class, and soon enough they were on to their first assigments.


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