Class Begins

Jack moaned as he continued to shove food in his mouth as he scowled at Ashley. He was in a mood again and wanted to get to class already.
Ashley: Apparently the coach has been trying to get him to join a sport but my Jack is just to shy for that stuff.
Then she looked at Thomas and Blossom with a smile.
Ashley: So did you hear our cheer uniforms will be ready today after class?

Blossom chatted with Thomas and Ashley a bit about gymnastics and cheerleading, while Jack just stuffed his face. Of course Ashley smiled and told them he was not a morning person and had a tendency to be "grumpy gus" at times, but he didn't mean it in a bad way. To get Jack to acknowledge her words and gently and firmly gripped his knee under the table like a steel vice. To avoid the pain he nodded and continued to stuff his face.

Then the bell rang and it was time to clean up. So they got up and dumped their garbage in the trash can on the way out. The students looked like cattle as they slowly migrated through the vast hallways to get to class. Some students were in a hurry to get to class while others took their time and congested the path as they insisted on having their shallow and unimportant conversations. Jack didn't really care at this point as he was being dragged by Ashley's iron grip through the mass of students. Eventually they ended up in Language Arts with Ms. Lily Davidson.

Ms. Davidson: Welcome students to language arts today we will take attendance and begin with some reading. I know this class is not popular with everyone but you might find it useful. For example learning how to read, write and speak will help you talk to others while avoiding any confusion like when you buy a car for one price but didn't realize they charged you an insane interest rate that almost doubles the price. You see a contract is a tricky thing and once you sign it you are bound by the rules unless you want to pay the penalty fee.

The students chuckled at Ms. Davidson as she began taking attendance and beginning class. Ashley was happy to have Jack on her left side and Blossom on her right side in class. She was so excited she didn't look to see who else was in her class yet as they took out the poetry books to read and answer some questions on a worksheet.


Jessica found herself sitting alone in class again. She didn't think anything of it. But she soon realizes that she needs to start making some friends around here. She didn't know who was nice and who wasn't. She thought she'd be sitting alone during class fore no one has took the seat beside her until the bell had rung and a person took a seat beside her she saw it was a boy and she quickly looked away. She felt herself getting a little warm. And she knew she liked him. Hoping he didn't see her blush she opened her notebook book and took notes.

Next to Jessica was a nerdy boy with glasses who was looking shy as he was getting his notebook and mechanical pencils out. Then the teacher came in and handed a student the sign in sheet to check off their name and pass it down for attendance. Once Leo got the paper he checked off the box by his name and handed it to Jessica. He was a bit nervous looking at the tall new girl and found himself trying to avoid contact.

Leo: Just look for your name and check the box.

Then Leo looked back down on his notebook and began writing a few notes the teacher said even though it was not real important. The one of the jocks sitting behind Leo, saw him talking to Jessica and kicked his chair from behind.

Jock: Eyes forward nerdy boy.

Some of the students chuckled till the teacher got strict and calmed them down so he could start class.


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