Hello class Misic

He walked into the music class JD saw Roxy and sat a few rows behind her in the large room. Putting his Fender Guitar next to him he saw some of his equipment on the stage he felt a bit nerves he had not preformed in front of anyone here before. He could only hope to make the Jazz band. JD Knew of Roxy but did not know her He did listen to some of her music some the night before trying to find out what type of singer she was. There was a lot of talent in this room and he knew that the competition would be fierce. Roxy was cute in her own way. he could hope to play with her on a song or two she had real experience in recording studios. Only if she thought he was good enough. There was a lot of people around her trying to get their chance to talk to her. JD decided to just hang back to see what would happen.

As the teacher walk on stage and introduced herself. Hello class my name is Ms. Mindy Kopper and I will be your Music teacher. Then another teacher walks out she said my name is Mrs. Bjork Mason I am the Art teacher and helping with try outs today. The reason I asks the art students here today with the music and theater students is because we are all artist and at times working together on projects through out the year. And try outs are always better in front of a crowd. Now I turn tryouts back to Ms. Kopper.

After they took attendance the tryouts began as JD watch others to their performances, JD was amazed at some of the people when they called him up his hart skipped a beat. He could feel some sweat building. He got up and walked to the stage he hooks his gear and Fender Guitar to the systems and amp. JD took a deep breath he closed his eyes. Then opened them looking into the crowd in front of him. a minuet past it felt like an hour. “Hello” he said excitedly. “my name is Jonathan Davenport most call me JD.” He adjusts his Guitar. “I am trying out for Jazz band or even choir. I will be playing some jazz and blues a few songs singing so, sit back and enjoy.” He turns to pushing some buttons on his board. He starts with a set of Jazz and blues Playing. The you could tell he really got into his playing swaying and closing his eyes and just moving to the music. After the two pieces he looked at the crowd “I will do my singing part now here is the pieces are Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman and Hurricane.

He turns again to his board and starts the music but still playing the Guitar parts. As he sings his songs, he looks into the girl’s eyes in the crowd one at time or try’s anyways. When his finishes and the crowd is clapping JD wondered if it was a curtesy clap or they liked what he did. He bowed deeply. He was about to unplug his stuff when Ms. Kopper stands up “Wait” he steps forward “she looks at her paperwork “JD play something else” JD knew this was to throw him off and unnerve him. he had played this game with others as well he should have known he would not get off easy. Suddenly he was at a loss. He froze looking at the crowd “A.. yes ma’am” said JD. Looking at his board he closes his eyes then punches some buttons then opens them. “Ok, well I guess I have to do one more bear with me I will sing Sound of silence.” As he Plays, he looks over the crowd gaging how he was doing. When he finishes, he could only hope he did a good job and impressed the teachers. Giving his last bow he took his gear off stage and sat back in his chair waiting the others not knowing where he stood in the class.

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