The Joy of Music

Rose had been headed to art class when she was stopped by Heath headed in a different direction.

"Hey, Rose. You headed to art class?" Heath asked

"Yeah, I thought you would be as well." Rose and Heath had met during art class last year before everything happened. They had become friends and she trusted Heath enough so the two had a few casual dates but that was then; Rose doubted that would be the case this year.

"I was but apparently we're meeting in the music room." It wasn't uncommon that art students might have to work with music or theater students so maybe the art and music teacher had decided to just get a start on the students all getting to know each other.

Rose turned around and the two of them headed off to the music room. When they arrived the room was filling up quickly. They took two seats next to each other and near some students they knew were art students.

It wasn't long before the reasons were given and the performances started. The first performance by JD was really good; at least as far as Rose or Heath could tell. They waited then for the next performance.

Kyle came into music class; recognized a few people. Some he had met, others he had seen around. He did recognize a few people from language arts. He glanced around and instantly recognized Roxy Roker. He had heard a few of her songs; even though it probably wasn't the type of music he usually listened to but with his dad being a record executive Kyle had, at least, heard of several artists whether the company his dad worked for worked with them or not. JD got up and performed. Kyle thought he was good and he knew the ploy of being asked to sing something else; he wasn't surprised by it.

Next went some girl with really long blonde hair, really to her thigh long hair. Well, interesting. She was also good but she was one of those people who could sound like someone else. She was asked to sing about 4 songs; each one she sounded like the original singer. Until, the 4th song when the music teacher, Ms. Kooper, stopped the girl and told her to take a seat. It was impossible to tell what kind of sign that was.

Dawn hadn't made it to first period due her being a late arrival and needing to get her schedule straightened out. She did however get to music class on time. It was a large room that was filling up quickly. She took a seat and listened to the first few auditions before her name was called to come. She walked on to the stage, a little nervous but the good kind of nerves that got her adrenaline pumping. Dawn loved performing in front of people.

"Hi." She said "I'm Dawn Jefferson and I'm trying out for Jazz Band, choir and musical theater. I'm going to be performing "You Learn To Live Without" from the musical If/Then." She sat down at the piano and changed her demeanor instantly to go with the song.

With that song finished she took just a moment and then introduced her next song "Girl on Fire" which was from Alicia Keys. Dawn liked to mix up show tunes with other genres because she was versatile and it was good to see that in auditions. The people being asked to sing a third song seemed to be random or at least it seemed that way. She was met by applause; like the rest. And started to get up when Ms. Kopper asked "Do you play other instruments?"

"Yes" Dawn could, actually, play several instruments. "I have my guitar with me."

"Play something on that."

A dark haired boy gave her her guitar which she proceeded to take out of the case and make sure it was tuned before she broke out into an acoustic version of "Sky Full of Stars." Which was met with more applause before the girl was allowed to go back to her seat.

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