Girl Trouble

Ms. Lopez was very amusing as she talked through the whole class time. After the bell rang the students moved on to their next set of classes till lunch came around. Jack was in a grouchy mood since he had to sit with Ashley who had a sinister half smile when she looked at him. He was hoping since he covered for her in class she would ease up on him but her silent treatment was unnerving him a lot. Once again thy sat next to Blossom and a few other students they were on good terms with. Ashley of course was her usual charming self as Jack quietly ate his food. Then she did something he was not ready for as she leaned next to his ear and whispered "Thank you Jack" before she kissed his ear. Jack turned red with embarrassment and almost chocked on his food. So he cleared his throat and looked at his food while trying to recompose himself.

Ashley giggled as Jack was embarrassed. Despite her constantly manipulating him to her will she was still very fond of him. It touched her heart to see him blush from a simple gesture. Well to be more honest she was rather infatuated with poor Jack and was not about to give him up. She was hoping that one day he would simply give up and accept her love, but seeing him squirm was also a bit of a turn on as well. Though she hid it well she did have a few screws loose. Her father taught her to be strong with martial arts and her mother taught her how to control a man with both Honey and Vinegar depending on the need.

Sadly it wasn't till recently that Jack got a clue as to where Ashley got her monster grip and evil mind from. Of course now it was to late since Ashley had cornered him and was merely toying with him like she did when they were children. It irked him that even though he hated her she could still make him swoon now and then. He was worried he would not be able to stand his ground with her in the next four years. Then his stomach growled and he sighed as he needed to eat, so he ate his chicken tacos quietly as Ashley and Blossom gossiped abut cheerleader class. In a way Jack found Blossom to be a blessing since she distracted Ashley from bothering him.

As he ate his tacos he he realized they were pretty good for school food. Granted his mom made them better, but since she was not here it was the next best thing for him. As he looked around he saw other students showing up and filling out the tables according to their cliques. The Jocks, Cool Kids, Cheer Squad, Rich Kids were on one side and on the other side was the Band Geeks, Nerds and Unpopular Kids were on the other side. In the middle were the tables Jack was sitting at where the groups were mixed up a bit. A few cheerleaders, jocks, delinquents, nerds and other miscellaneous student types sat in the tables around Jack, Ashley and Blossom. Ashley seemed to prefer this area so she could make friends with everyone and avoid having to bully anyone other than Jack. Jack wondered why she was trying to play nice when it went against her nature.

Occasionally a few of the Jocks, Cool Kids, and Rich Kids would hit on her and she would politely turn them down and say she was with Jack already. This annoyed Jack since it involved him having to deal with more jerks who were jealous and desired Ashley. When he was alone in the guys dorm, he was often offered money to break up with her or he was threatened if he didn't dump her. Knowing it was pointless to fight it he just beat them up or threatened them. He was gaining a reputation for being a bad boy of sorts already and he liked that since he was interested in making friends or dealing with others if he could.

Then his phone vibrated on his hip and he checked the message. He almost sighed as he saw it was from Olivia again and she was demanding more junk food this time as well as help with her Spanish homework. Apparently she ordered a box of junk food to be delivered to Jack and he was going to sneak it to her after he received it. Since some of the students were being paid by Olivia's mom to spy on her, he could not give it to her in the open. This was going to be a hassle since he was still figuring out a better way to sneak to the girls dorm room. he put up his phone and rubbed his aching temples as he now had a new headache.


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