Made it to lunch.

Thomas greeted the others at the table as he sat down.

Thomas almost froze at her question.
"It's a long story. To keep it simple for now, Powers beyond me did not let me go," he said. "I'll tell you the story some time," he said. Indicating to her that he did not want to tell it in the lunch room after being humiliated this morning.

His coach was so mad at him, he dropped him. He was told he blew his shot at placing at nationals in a few years. Thomas didn't want to go to nationals, he wanted to enjoy gymnastics again. Those around him did not get that.

"In a lot of ways, being at that level isn't fun," he said regaining himself. "It is more your arm is a quarter inch out of place, you need to back bend a little more so your back looks straight, and it is the same routine for three full sessions each day and you don't have any time on the weekends or to have friends," he said.

He took a bite of the food. It was better than he expected.

He asked Blossom, "Have you worked out with coach yet? Does she know her stuff or are we going to loose skills?" He hoped she had some interaction with their coach.

Thomas realized that Blossom was a really nice person, she was letting him talk about what he wanted.
So he asked her, "So tell me about yourself?"

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