New Pain!

Jack wanted to be alone but Justin insisted on keeping him company at lunch. Then Ashley showed up with a few other girls to eat with Jack as they giggled. Jack was in a mood again as he wanted the day to end.

Seeing Justin sitting on the other side of the moody Jack she introduced herself.

Ashley: Hi I'm Ashley, Jack's girlfriend. So how do you know my Jack?

Justin: I'm Justin and I am his roommate.

Ashley: Awesome. I know he can be a little grumpy but he is great guy.

Justin: Yeah I noticed that too.

Jack was quietly sitting between Ashley and Justin as they continued to talk about him like he wasn't even there. He was trying to quietly eat his lunch but they would not leave him alone. To make it worse Ashley seemed to get along with Justin quite well. Then Jack wondered if she would like Justin more and leave him alone. He almost let out a smile when Ashley's two cheerleader friends began to giggle a bit. This unnerved Jack a bit since he was not paying attention to the conversation. Then as Ashley continued to talk he realized she was talking about their childhood from a much more embarrassing perspective. Out of instinct he interrupted the conversation.

Jack: Whoa! Well you look at that Ashley your food is getting cold.

Then Jack used his fork to feed her some green beans. Ashley on the other hand didn't pass up the chance to get fed by Jack as she made sure to eat the green beans and put her lips on the fork since it was his. She smiled at him as she ate her food and this confused him for a spell. Then to calm his nerves he used his fork to eat another bite of green beans. Then Justin and Ashley's two cheerleader friends giggled.

Justin: You're right he does get awkward when it comes to showing you affection.

Jack froze in fear since he realize Ashley somehow set him up again. He looked at his fork and realized he just fed her with it and then ate from the same fork. Now he understood why the cheer harpies were giggling at him. He was feeling pressured to lash out and squeezed his fork tightly. Then before he could move he felt a hand on his lap and he wasn't sure who's hand it was. He was on the verge of breaking into a cold sweat as he looked down and saw Ashley's hand gently caress his knee before gently pinching the skin under his knee. The pain was a quick reminder of the short leash she kept him on. He looked at her with a glare only to see her smiling at him as she began to increase the pressure on her pinch. Jack tried to act brave as he stared her down only to find the pain of her pinch became unbearable. Then he flinch as the pain was too much and he was about to yell when Ashley leaned in and kissed him on the cheek to add to his shock. She then whispered into his ear, "play nice Jack."

It was a painful reminder that she was in charge and he was her pet. He felt powerless as he was the only one who knew she was crazy. He nodded gently as she released her pinch and gently rubbed his knee to show she could be merciful when he behaved. As he calmed down he felt like the dog in that book on Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov. He wanted to cry but knew it would only make things worse. Ashley stole his toys as a child and now as a teen she was taking his freedom and pride piece by piece.

However unknown to Jack who distracted by the others at his table, Olivia Carpenter was sitting with a few rich pampered girls and having a fake conversation. Since they were used to being in the spotlight all the time they had to keep up appearances with fake conversations and fake smiles. It was ironic they would still keep up that charade in a school. However Olivia knew far better than that since they were doing it on purpose to keep tabs on Olivia so they could report to her mother. To make sure Olivia was keeping her grades up and eating properly, her mother payed others to report back to her since Olivia like to cut corners in her diet and schoolwork.

Olivia finally found Jack from across the room while scanning the cafeteria. She got lucky and saw him at the assembly earlier and this put a smile on her face. She had plans to use him to get her junk food and help her with her homework if needed. So while pretending to listen to her fake friends babble on about superficial things, she used her smartphone under the table to get Jack's information thru a friend of hers using a picture she took when he was not paying attention. After ten minutes she got a text and saw his info. She had an evil grin on her face as she placed an order on her phone before putting it away. Then she pretended to listen to the fake conversation the other posh girls were having.

Back at Jack's table the conversations just didn't stop.

Justin: So Ashley what clubs are you and your friends into?

Ashley: Well Lacy, Stacy and I are into gymnastics and cheerleading.

Justin: Really? Awesome. Varsity, Junior Varsity or Freshman?

Ashley: Freshmen.

Ashley pouted a bit to look sad, but Jack knew full well she could have made Varsity real easy.

Justin: Hey its just the first year right? I heard its hard for a Freshman to make Varsity or JV.

Ashley: So true the competition was very intense.

Jack wanted to leave but as soon as he was about to he felt Ashley's hand on his knee and knew he was trapped. Her gentle smile was a cold reminder of who was in charge. He was so glad he didn't have a cell phone. Since he had no friends or social life he never saw the need for one. True it did upset his parents he a loner, but oddly enough he never bugged them for money or a phone either. This was why they were glad that Ashley was bringing him out of his loner shell. Since he had no cell phone he didn't have to worry about anyone calling him so he was looking forward to getting away from Ashley in the boys dorm since she couldn't bug him there. Then he realized she might be getting friendly with Justin to keep tabs on him. He sighed as just wanted this day to end.


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