During gymnastics Ashley and Blossom headed to the locker room to change into their uniforms. It was not unusual to see the cheer squad in this class since it was highly recommended they take this class for extra practice. Since the cheer competitions was very competitive and the Principle loved her trophies. Ashley and Blossom were getting a bit chummy along with a few selective cheerleaders who got along with them. Of course the snobby cheerleaders were hanging around Elisa Donovan since they still believed in elitisms. Since there more than one coach and this class was co-ed since they had male cheerleaders as well like Huntley Ritter, the students were broken up into groups such as non cheer members, 1st and 2nd years, then 3rd and 4th years.

Ashley and Blossom were not to pleased to be with the snobby Elissa during practice since they had to listen to their mud slinging attitudes and holier than though tones. Ironically they were left speechless as both Blossom and Ashley performed way better than Elisa and her snobby friends. Then as they returned Ashley gave them a "try and do better" smile, before grabbing their towel to wipe off their sweat. Elisa was livid as she had to go next with one of her snobby cheer friends and performed with average skill since they lacked dedication to working hard since they just wanted to look cute in their uniform for the guys.

The rest of the class involved them working on a routine for the competition. They still had time before the cheer competition, but the coaches were still going to need time to see who would be on the main cheer squad for the competition since they only had so many positions available and they wanted to win again this year. Blossom was already on the squad since it was the main reason she was offered her scholarship in the first place, however she still needed to keep her grades and skills up or she could loose it to the next in line. Ashley on the other hand was there to have fun and compete.

“You’ll be fine,” Sam said to Rose’s nervousness about gymnastics practice. She knew her friend was good at it; especially, the uneven bars.

“It’s just been so long,” Rose replied sounding unconvinced

Sam then watched Rose's first tumbling run; a warm-up it was fine. Second run was fairly good. Third run was supposed to be harder, and Sam watched as Rose fell on a back pass. So, it was fine, her friend was a little rusty. Then Sam watched as Rose fell on her third pass on the balance beam. She watched as Rose's confidence slowly started to deteriorate. By the time they got to the uneven bars; Rose had lost it so badly that she fell on the 2nd pass. The uneven bars; the same apparatus that Rose had medaled in state championships in. The coach called Rose over and spoke briefly to get before Rose went into the locker room to get cleaned up and changed.

When Rose came out if the locker room she was clearly upset. Sam ran over to her. "What happened?"

Rose only said, “It's OK. You should get back in line."

Sam watched as her friend got a note from the coach and headed out the door.

Once class was over the cheer squad headed to the locker room to change into their cheer uniforms. Despite being a big team they splintered into several smaller groups that got a long. As she was getting dressed, Ashley smelled her under arms and made an unpleasant face. She looked at Blossom and chuckled as she poke to her.

Ashley: I'm gonna need a shower after cheer practice. Jack might run away if he could smell me now.

Blossom giggled at Ashley's comment.

Blossom: Back on the farm we all smell working with the animals and working the fields. I guess its different for city guys huh?

Ashley: Yeah. Here they think we always smell like flowers.

Blossom: Do you use perfume?

Ashley: Of course. Don't you?

Blossom: Not really. It attracts the bees.

Ashley: Oh yeah. I remember hearing that during my travels with my family. Well since we are not on a farm anymore you can borrow mine to see if you like it.

Blossom: Well that is mighty kind of you Ashley. Jack is a lucky guy.

Ashley: Awww your so sweet.

Blossom: Back home the guys are to busy acting all macho and mama said they would cheat on ya at the drop of a hat. Of course I still don't get it since I ain't never had a "Bo" before.

Ashley: Oh really now. Well we will just have to broaden your horizon these next four years girl.

The girls giggled before heading off to cheer practice. There they practiced their cheers for Freshmen, JV and Varsity groups. They spent the next two hours working up a big sweat and quickly hit the showers to get cleaned up. Naturally the ladies were sizing each other up in the shower as they were checking out the competition since they would be competing for the hot guys. Luckily Ashley already had a guy so she was not a threat anymore and Blossom was not a threat in the eyes of the snobby girls who had more curves. Ashley wasted no time giving Blossom confidence by telling her that there were many guys into cute girls like her. After cleaning up they made their way to their dorms to drop off their bags. Ashely then sent Jack a text that practice was over and they could meet before dinner.


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