PE Conner and Jocelyn

He was not much into sports had no real interest in it. His world was cars, girls, and music. Conner was just kind of daydreaming on the newest motor magazine and the new Dodge hellcat that did 200 miles per hour. When he saw one newest motor Jocelyn get pushed by some girls. That was a nasty crash he thought to himself. he sped up some to ketch the girls that had done it. it took him some time he watched as Jocelyn was helped to the Bleachers. Conner passed Jocelyn and Dante on the bleachers and could see she was alright.

ketching the group of girls, of course, they were rich and all about themselves. Conner smiled as he bumped one of them they all scattered some. "Oops.. not cool" he said looking back towards the bleachers. The girls just sneered at him and said some choice words as he took off at a sprint. Conner turned and cut across the field to the bleachers.

"You've got a wonderful voice," Dante said and Jocelyn's face lit up red again. But Dante played it cool since he saw how red she was.
It was shortly after the duet that the coach showed up to take over. Letting Dante get away and head to the music room.
"See you guys later." he said giving a wave."

Conner slowed then walked up to where Jocelyn was sitting not sure how to talk to her as Dante left. "Hi, I hope you are all right? Those girls can be stuck up and bully a bit. I remember them from last year" he said to Jocelyn. "I am Conner" as he got closer he looked at her eyes "wow you have nice eyes" he said hoping to cheer her up some.

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