The freshmen cheerleaders were all going to have uniform fittings this afternoon and she headed out to meet them. Blossom kept telling herself that this was a great opportunity.

Ashley gave Jack a kiss goodbye on his cheek since she wanted to attend the cheer meeting in the dorm before the flag football event. Jack was relieved that he could escape her grasp and decided to hole up in his dorm room. He had no desire to play flag football and would fake an illness to avoid it. Justin wanted to socialize more so he left and Jack felt a sense of relief as his dark grin returned. He headed towards his room passed the crowded hallways.

Ashley and her two cheerleader friends wasted no time heading to the cheerleader meeting. Naturally the girls giggled at how Ashley and Jack were a cute couple. Ashley told them they should scout out the competition for potential cute guys since this school had a lot of them. Of course the male jocks were among the first to get brought up, but Lance, Joey and Charlie kind of ruined that image for them. They hoped some of the other jocks might not be so arrogant. One of the friends suggested they scout out the musicians or art club as well. Ashley encouraged them since love worked in mysterious ways like it did for her and Jack.

It wasn't long till they arrived at the girls locker room for the cheer meeting and uniform fittings. Since the students had different growth rates they had to take measurement often to make sure the uniforms fit correctly. There was always the concern of a wardrobe malfunction or too much growth for the uniform to handle before a competition. The other reason for the measurements was they would have three different uniforms made for them. The uniforms for the Varsity, JV and Freshmen were slightly different in color scheme and mainly served for pep rallies and games. The at Home team Uniforms were blue with black and white trim, while the away team uniforms were white with black and blue trim. The other uniform was for Cheer Competition against other schools and this one was black with blue and white trim.

Coach Callahan had the girls break up into three groups of V, JV and Freshmen to go over her speech three times with each group. Once group would be on standby, one getting measurements and the other in Callhan's meeting. She went over proper behavior, expectations, rules, training times, uniform changes and other important info. Most of it was routine for the girls who were cheerleaders in other schools so the only changes were the schedules and colors.

Since the Freshmen were new to the school they had a longer meeting while the Varsity was getting fitted. Since fittings took longer for the freshmen the Varsity was being fitted first followed by the JV since they had a fitting record established already. To make it easier for them in emergencies, they kept records for current uniform sizes for the girls in case they had to replace or substitute at the last second.

So as Ashley and her friends joined the meeting they saw Blossom who was the new Flyer. Ashley noticed she was very small which would be very helpful for the team. To be friendly with the other girls Ashley greeted Blossom with a warm smile and some kind words. Ashley then looked at Blossom.

Ashley: Hi I'm Ashley Bendinger. You must be our new Flyer right? You look so cute. Are you excited? After the meeting we will be getting fitted for new uniforms. I can't wait to show it off to my boyfriend. I hope he likes it.

Ashley's two cheer friends giggled at the girl talk.


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