Texting Conner

Sitting waiting with Sam for Rose JDs phone beeped several times. pulled it out looking at it he sighed. JD had several text messages. Conner had asked where he was and if things were ok.

= What's up J There was a rumor he left campus and went to the hospital? =
Thinking carefully JD replied.

= yes and no, I did leave campus and will back later after dinner Just helping a friend out that's all =

There was a pause from Conner.
=Dinner who? =

JD did not want to give much information yet. he did not know whats was totally planned.
= after I help out a friend we are going out to dinner =
JD wondered if that was too much information.

Conner could only wonder what JD was up to. He really wanted to introduce the two girls and hoping he might take an interest in Courtney.
=Dinner and did not invite me your best friend =

JD knew he had to say something to Conner to get him to stop asking too many questions.
= I was invited out for helping. It's with two hot girls we are not coming back yet, so that's the deal. =

Conners's eyes widened a bit. He had never seen JD do this type of thing before.
= Greedy bastard I see lol =

JD was relieved that Conner was not going to take it personally and would stop asking questions.
=Text you I get back =

means = texting =

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