Is Something Going On Here

Courtney nodded when Conner said there were a lot of nice people at the school. "Yup. Actually, the snobs think they rule the school but there are more of us than them." That wasn't a guess Courtney had been here for two years she knew it was true.

"Not all the Jocks are jerks. If you hang with Me, Courtney, and JD I am sure now one will be shoved around. As far as the Jocks looking at you, why not? you look cute, right Courtney? Oh I mean that did not come out right." he said apologetically. I mean Jocelyn you are cute. but.... I going to shut up now."

Courtney was glad she wasn't drinking anything when Conner spoke; she might have spit it out. Conner could be a flirt but nervous? He actually seemed nervous or was she misreading him. As it was she bit her lip slightly and managed to hold back anything that might give her friend away. "Of course, and Heath wouldn't allow anyone to be shoved around either." She paused. "You'll be fine. We can introduce you to more people, well cool not jerk people, that is. If you want. When you're up to it."

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