Jocelyn gave a shrug then a nod. "Alright. Guess we'll hang out together. By the way." she paused, thinking it might be stupid to bring it up now. "Who was that guy? The one that carried me back her and told me I was a good singer, I didn't catch his name and he just ran off." Leaning against the wall the take a small break of pressure on her ankle.

"Ah not sure I think his name is Dante I don't really know him. See there are nice people at this school. Not everyone is a snob jerk." answered Conner.

After grabbing her bag from the locker room she rejoined the others. "I know this sounds weird but because I thought this place was going to be a nightmare. I mean it sort of is with the jocks that seem like they play five on one, six times a day always looking at me. But it beats getting shoved around and made fun of. So...what I'm saying is thanks for being cool and not jerks."

"Not all the Jocks are jerks. If you hang with Me, Courtney, and JD I am sure now one will be shoved around. As far as the Jocks looking at you, why not? you look cute, right Courtney? Oh I mean that did not come out right." he said apologetically. I mean Jocelyn you are cute. but.... I going to shut up now."

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