Bullying a Bully

Thomas just laid there. Until a hand reached out to help him up. He was tall.

Dante gave Thomas a light slap on the face. "Need a hand?" the guy asked, "You'll just get trampled if you lay there." he told Thomas lifting him up easily. "Next time, move at the last second, you'll make him fall and look like a fool, he might be fast but he goes all out at once he'll fall past you and not recover if you move, you've got nimble feet he's only got speed.."

The ball was snapped and the same player went for Thomas again, and Dante just him freeze up again. "You ne..." he wasn't gonna finish the thought. The moment before the jock was about to impact Thomas, Dante came from nowhere blindsiding the bully hard enough the got lift and landed with a thud and a groan.

After knocking him down Dante gave Thomas a thumbs up, and walked over to the bully, offering him a hand up. That was slapped away, but Dante offered it again, and a third time on the fourth the bully got himself off the ground. "Don't do that again." he told Dante.

"Wouldn't have crossed my mind." he said, and made eye contact with Coach Warburton before jogging back to his spot in the line up

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