Knock yourself out

Thomas was contemplating life as they had cleared the lunch room. He said to those with him, “Dante described Nine levels of hell, purgatory, lust, glutany, greed, and so on. This my friends is the tenth level, so dark even the devil refuses to visit.” He watched the cheerleaders and the jocks stretching like this was serious work.
Thomas got to the track and started walking on his hands. He could walk the whole track once before he needed to reset. He coach made them hand walk at the gym when they were goofing around. As they got to their side of the field, he pressed into a one arm hand stand and bent his back till his legs were almost even to the ground. The hard part was getting up. This was locking the elbow and shoulder and balancing as he moved. The girls could do that move on a balance beam. He did it on a one inch handle of a horse. He wasn’t trying to show off or draw attention to himself, it just what gymnast did when in a group.

Next came football then a football player plowing into him. He knew he was going to get pounded just like every other school sports event. He took a knee to the ribs and sparked out with the football player acting innocent.

He just laid there.

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