Cause She Made Me

Then Olivia hung up her phone and smirked as she pondered where to get a rope or chord. Jack on the other hand was annoyed but somewhat grateful for the debit card. Now he would not heed to bug his folks for any money. Since it was a job he figured he would have to appease Olivia with her secret requests since she bought him a fancy phone with service and fronted him $10,000 gift/debit card. Then he went to his closet and dug out the bag with the snacks in it. Seeing as they still in the plastic bags inside a travel bag he wondered if they would be strong enough to not break while being pulled up. Then he got an idea and dug out the complimentary school sports bag for his PE class that was provided when he arrived in the room along with his uniform. Jack put the snacks in the bag and zipped them up before tucking them under his bed and out of sight. He didn't want Justin to know what he was doing since Olivia was being watched.

Jack felt lucky as he left his room and saw no one in the halls. Apparently they were all at the flag football game. Holding his sports bag full of Olivia's snacks he casually walked towards the staircase only to see some staff members roaming around. Seeing as this was a problem he made his way back to his room and left through his window since he was on the first floor. Once he was outside he snuck around the dorm build and heard the commotion of the football game.

He sighed as he really didn't want to get caught since Olivia would make his life miserable like Ashley did. So he used the bushes, mini walls, trees and structures to avoid being out in the open. Since the female dorms were on the other side of the school he had a long walk till he could get there. After several close calls jack managed to get to the girls dorm. Lucky for him he switched his phone to silent so it wouldn't alert anyone nearby if Olivia called him during his sneaking about. Feeling a bit nervous about being caught he found cover behind a tree and texted Olivia that he was ready. Suddenly his phone went off and scared him a bit. It was Olivia and she was in a foul mood.


Jack: Shhhhhh! I am outside the girls dorm.

Olivia: Where I don't see you.

Jack: I am behind the girls dorm. Open your window so I can see where you are.

Olivia: Hold on.

Olivia opened her window and looked outside. After a minute she saw jack walking around the corner.

Olivia: Okay I can see you now. Where are my snacks?

Jack: In my sports bags. I was afraid the cheap bags would bust open.

Olivia: Oh …...good thinking. Hold on while I lower my rope.

Jack: Okay.

Olivia lowered her nylon rope to Jack from the second floor and Jack tied the handles of the sports bag to the rope.

Jack: Okay pull up.

Olivia: Got it.

Olivia pulled the bag up with a wicked grin on her face since she once again out foxed her mom. Sure it was expensive to hire Jack for cheap snacks but she had money to burn and didn't care since it was her only weakness in life. Once she had her snacks they hung up the call and Jack headed back to his dorm room.

Sadly as he was passing the cafeteria he was caught by Mr. Mason who kindly escorted him to the flag football game. Jack was in a mood as he wanted to be alone. If he went to the game he would either have to play flag football or hold hands with Ashley. As it was his hand was still sore from her iron grip.

As they arrived it looked like the whole school was there minus a few staff members. The cheerleaders seemed excited and the jocks were riling up the crowd with bark barking. Jack groaned as Coach Warburton approached him with a grin on his face.

Coach Warburton: Welcome aboard tiger. You look like you keep fit. If you are interested in joining any sports teams let me know.

Jack: Sorry Coach I am not a real team player.

Coach Warburton: Nonsense son. Now go warm up.

Jack: Fine.

Jack had his usual mean scowl which did creep out many other students since he looked like he was ready to bust some heads open. However that was interrupted when Ashley began waving happily at him while screaming his name.

Jack moaned as he saw her frantically waving at him and knew if he didn't respond she would make him pay for it later on so he approached her.

Ashley bounced over a few feet to hug Jack affectionately side to side like he was gone a year or two.

Ashley: I was worried you wouldn't show up.

Jack: Yeah well they made me come.

Ashley: Oh don't be such a grumpy gus. I'll be cheering for you.

Jack: Yeah yeah.

Ashley: Oh Jacky Bear could you be a dear and score a touchdown for me?

Jack: Don't feel like it.

Ashley: Please? With sugar on top.

Jack: I said.....

Jack could feel Ashley's iron grip on both of his shoulders and almost let out a girlish scream from the pain as she smiled at him lovingly. He held in the pain and winced as he nodded.

Jack: Since you asked nice and all.

Ashley then kissed him on the cheek and smiled.

Ashley: Thank you baby.

Jack tried to move his arms again despite the pain. He then made his way to the upper classmen who were handing out flags and gym uniforms. Of course Lance saw him and quickly interfered to put Jack on the "White Flag Team" since Lance was on the Blue Flag Team and wanted some revenge. It was clear as day why he did it. Of course Jack didn't really care since he could "Accidently" hurt Lance and his jock buddies during the game.

After changing into his blue gym shorts, white gym shirt and white belt with white football flags, Jack made his way to the white team as they were trying to get organized for the match. Oddly enough all the jocks from football, baseball, track, soccer, wrestling and volleyball were on the Blue team side and the others were the regular students, gymnast and swimming team on the White team side. It was clear this was done on purpose to show off the athletes who mattered. Of course the cheerleaders were exempt since they would be cheering them on.

Jack looked back at Ashley who was in high spirits as she was cheering him on. Jack wanted to run away from her and vent out his stress, but in a way this was good since he could vent out on Lance and his buddies.

Next came football then a football player plowing into him. He knew he was going to get pounded just like every other school sports event. He took a knee to the ribs and sparked out with the football player acting innocent.
He just laid there.

Thomas just laid there. Until a hand reached out to help him up. He was tall.
Dante gave Thomas a light slap on the face. "Need a hand?" the guy asked, "You'll just get trampled if you lay there." he told Thomas lifting him up easily. "Next time, move at the last second, you'll make him fall and look like a fool, he might be fast but he goes all out at once he'll fall past you and not recover if you move, you've got nimble feet he's only got speed.."
The ball was snapped and the same player went for Thomas again, and Dante just him freeze up again. "You ne..." he wasn't gonna finish the thought. The moment before the jock was about to impact Thomas, Dante came from nowhere blindsiding the bully hard enough the got lift and landed with a thud and a groan.
After knocking him down Dante gave Thomas a thumbs up, and walked over to the bully, offering him a hand up. That was slapped away, but Dante offered it again, and a third time on the fourth the bully got himself off the ground. "Don't do that again." he told Dante.
"Wouldn't have crossed my mind." he said, and made eye contact with Coach Warburton before jogging back to his spot in the line up

At this point Jack switched out with a different player and was now one of the running backs. Seeing that the jocks were playing dirty on the weaker guys, he didn't have to hold back on them. So the ball was snapped and the quarterback tossed the ball to Jack. Jack then bolted quickly to the left and saw several jocks heading for him including Charlie. He smiled with his evil grin as he saw Charlie try to tackle him only to fake him out with a back spin. Jack cut back and headed back to the opposite direction as Charlie and two other jocks collided into each other like amateurs.

Then Jack bolted straight pass the line of scrimmage and dodged Joey who tripped on his own feet and then Lance who was unable to keep up. Jack moved way to nimble as he easily dodged the other jocks who missed him or couldn't keep up. Coach smiled as he watched Jack run like a cat and score a touchdown while embarrassing the jocks. It was obvious they were upset and starring daggers at Jack who mocked them with his evil sneer. Then he walked up to Ashley and gave her the football.

Jack: Happy now?

Ashley gave him a kiss on the cheek as she was giddy.

Ashley: You are such a sweetie. I forgive you now.

Jack grunted as he walked to the bleachers and sat down. Ashley then tossed the ball back to Lance as she smiled at him.

Ashley: Nice try.

Lance was annoyed as she was politely rubbing it into his face. Lance then took the ball and walked back to start the next play.

Meanwhile Coach Warburton approached Jack and was trying to coax him into trying out for the team. Jack of course was not interested and told him he was not a team player. When the coached as him where he learned his moves he told him he was into martial arts and self training since he had bully issues. Of course the coach would continue to nag Jack as long as he could.


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