(Day 4 Friday Afternoon. On the way to the beach party)

(Trigger Warning: Physical and verbal abuse.)

“Are you ready?” Doug asked Melissa as he put her bags in the back of his car.

“Yes.” She responded and got into the car. Keeping up appearances he held the door open for her. She was nervous, actually a little sick to her stomach from her nerves. He had texted her last night and apparently wasn’t happy with the fact that she had talked with Dawn. She also wasn’t sure what Doug knew. She still didn’t know if Brook was a spy for him or not or really who she could trust.

Doug was pissed; last night he couldn’t help but think of all the things his sister could have told his girlfriend or what his girlfriend could have told his sister. He wanted to get Melissa alone and gave her no choice but to ride with him.

They started off following along with the others to the beach but then Doug turned off on a side road. Melissa’s nervousness increased and she wanted to ask where they were going but one look at Dougs’ face told her she needed to not say anything.

Doug pulled off the main road and onto a side road and to a secluded area. This area wasn’t too far from a house that he had gone to parties to and he had taken girls here before but for other reasons, He stopped the car and turned to Melissa, and before she could say anything he slapped her across the face. “I told you to not talk to my sister. Did you think I wasn’t serious?”

Melissa held her face, she could feel the sting on her cheek but knew from previous experience it wouldn’t leave a mark. “ I….I….”

“Are you that stupid?” He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “What? You have nothing to say?” He let go of her. “Remember, what I know and what I’ll do with it if you tell anyone.” He then started the car back up and said. “You brought this on yourself. Don’t talk to her again.”

The two drove in silence back to the beach, all, the while Melissa thinking there was no way out of this. Wishing she had never met Doug.

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