Small Talk

(Shopping trip Guys day 3 the restaurant)

Conner seeing her. Jocelyn gives him an indication she left a seat open for him. He got up from his current seat and moved to sit down next to her. He wanted to give her some space to hang out with the girls. He smiled at her "hope you had a good time with the others?" he asked as he sat.

He looks at the waitress taking orders when asked for his order. Conner watched Ashly and Jack "grow a par," he said he mumbled to himself. He wanted to talk to Jack about how Ashly was acting around him. But Conner knew right now there was no reason for it right now. He looked in JD's direction he was talking to Rose. Conner found it odd that he was not paying attention to what was going on around him much. He could see that they had one hand down under the table. Conner wanted to yell out hand check. Every time he was at JD's house and they had girls with them. His dad or even mom use to say that more jokingly than anything else.

Thinking Conner wondered how much would change was people made couples. He knew cruising the beach in his mustang with JD was going to stop probably no picking up on girls for him. It, not the same when you have a girl in the car. He looked over to Courtney and Matt Good match he thought. Now she will not be so overwhelmed about Heath and Sam. He looked back to Jocelyn "ready for Saturday?" he asked.

JD filled in Rose on what had happed on the guy's shopping trip minus the encounter with Monyca He was not sure how Rose would take that right now. But knew he would have to come clean about the whole thing sometime soon. He just enjoyed holding her hand under the table and talking with Rose and the others.

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