Dazed And Confused

(Day 4 -Friday evening, beach trip)

The rich kids pulled out all the stops for the party. There was a DJ, catered food, and people generally having a good time. Lance and Elena were making sure of it the bonfire was almost illegal. It was so big thanks to some of the other parents getting logs to burn. The food truck a rolling kitchen was able to drive right onto the beach without getting stuck. It had everything from baroque to burgers and tacos. The DJs music had been preapproved and they told the kids no twerking or other sexually suggestive dancing which killed some fun for the students.

While Dawn and her group were enjoying their s’mores, Blossom was showing Ashley, Jack, and Justin how to make s’mores as well. It made Blossom feel good to be the one showing the others something she was good at. Even though Ashley knew how to make s’mores already she let Blossom take the spotlight to help her with her confidence. Jack quietly ate to avoid talking and Justin was looking around for Kyle. He was hoping that they could talk a bit more.

Kyle wandered around, said hi to a few people, saw a number of people catch marshmallows on fire. He then spotted Justin. Going over to the other boy. "Hey," Kyle said. Just then the music came back on and people started to get loud with laughing and talking. "Do you want to go for a walk?"

He hoped he wasn't being too forward but someplace quieter might be nice.

Justin smirked a bit as Kyle was hinting at some alone time. he wonder which direction this conversation might go. Granted he did find Kyle to be cute, but he also hoped they could still be friends at the very least. Though he was not vocal about it he had no shame in admitting he was gay. However he was not foolish to stand on a soap box and announce it since that often invited trouble. So he played it cool and hoped for the best. He was glad Jack accepted him as a friend and was not in the least uncomfortable with him. Though he came off as a sour puss, Justin believed Jack was a decent guy. So he looked at Kyle with a smirk and nodded at him.

Justin: Sure.

Justin then followed Kyle as he spoke up.

Justin: The DJ is not bad but I am not a big fan of the type of music they are playing. I think the "Cool Kids" are over compensating to shame the rest of us. So tell kyle what type of music are you into?


As the adults watch they did not like the fact that there were two groups of kids So they made a plan when the live music would start all the kids had to be there to watch or there would be disciplinary action taken. Something they would not like the parent's chaperones and teachers made their plans on how to make the kids do things together.

Ashley noticed that the teachers were trying to get the students to mingle more, but struggled since there was still some animosity between the "Rich Cool Kids" and everyone else. Then she had a sinister thought run into her head as she forced fed poor Jack the last of her smore. This was on purpose to keep Jack from speaking against her. Then she grabbed his hand and pulled him up playfully. Jack was caught off guard and unable to speak with a mouth full of smores. Ashley looked at Blossom with a smile and spoke.

Ashley: I feel like dancing a bit.

Blossom go the hint as she blushed red as she smiled and nodded shyly. She was a bit envious of Ashley and her relationships with Jack. Blossom hoped Ashley was right about her finding a decent guy in time. Poor Jack could not refuse as Ashley put him on the spot to dance with her. Sadly her charms were wearing him down as she hugged him closely and allowed him to smell her intoxicating perfume. Poor Jack was very conflicted as he hated Ashley for bullying him in the past, yet he was finding it hard to resist her charms. Her looks, her eyes, her smile, her smell, her touch and her voice were luring him like a moth to a flame and he hated himself for it. It irked him that he was giving into her demands and it irked him that he was to weak to stop her. He knew if he could not find a way to escape her clutches, it would only be a matter of time before his will completely broke.

Song playing

As they danced to the love song Jack began listening to the lyrics and a lump in his throat began to form as he realized this was not good. He felt that Ashley made him dance to this song on purpose somehow. Sadly he was already in the spotlight now so he had little choice but continue dancing with her. It was nerve wracking at how hot Ashley was looking as she danced. In his eyes she looked like a succubus who was seducing him so she could steal his soul.

Meanwhile Blossom was watching Ashely and Jack with a bit of envy. She smiled at how much in love Ashley was with Jack. It was obvious that Ashley had deep feelings for the awkward and grouchy Jack. Though their relationship was odd, Blossom found it cute they got along. Ashley looked sexy as she was dancing for Jack's eyes, but it was surprising that Jack was a good dancer. She thought he would dance like a beginner based on his mannerisms. Sadly Blossom was only trained to dance to country music since it was the common music back home. Then the song came to an end and another song came on.

Next song

Jack managed to swallow his smore by now and gave Ashely a glare as the song came on.

Jack: Seriously? Did you plan this music?

Ashley giggled since it did sound like something she would do.

Ashley: Of course not silly, but I can see why you would say that.

Jack: Not funny Ash.

Ashley: Dance with me Jack. I promise not to bite................to hard.

Jack: You're gonna be the death of me you know that right?

Ashley: You're such a drama queen.

Jack: And you are a........

Ashley interrupted him with a kiss on the lips and then smiled wickedly at him.

Ashley: If you finish that sentence I might have punish you Jack.

Jack tried to swallow the lump of fear in his throat only to nod instead. He had many things he wanted to say this moment but fear overwhelmed him. He looked down in defeat as he was ashamed of himself. Then Ashley gently lifted his chin up and she looked into his eyes and smiled at him as she whispered to him only.

Ashley: Jack.....I know you are still resisting the idea of us being a couple, but is it really that bad? There are a lot of guys who would kill to be in your shoes right now.

Jack: I know.

Ashley: Don't you find me pretty?

Jack rolled his eyes up as he muttered.

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Have you ever had any naughty thoughts about me?

Jack was shocked by the question as he turned red and looked away to avoid eye contact.

Ashely: I'll take that as a yes then. So why can't you let the past go and be mine.

Jack was annoyed by the mixed emotions he was experiencing.

Jack: Cause I don't trust you.

Ashley: Fair enough.

Jack looked at Ashley with concern as she whispered back.

Jack: You're okay with that?

Ashley: Trust takes time Jack. I am a patient girl and I will wait till your ready to accept all of me.

Jack: That's called stalking you know.

Ashley: Meh. Tomayto. Tomahto. No need to worry about such details.

Jack: Typical Ash.

Ashley: Oh Jack.......you know I still find it cute when you resist. I makes me want to tease you more and more.

Jack: So what about me turns you off?

Ashley pondered for a moment then smiled at Jack wickedly.

Jack: Nothing. I love you for better or worse.

Jack: That is kinda creepy you know that?

Ashley: A woman's heart is a fickle thing Jack.

Jack: Among other things.

Ashley: Naturally. Just think.....one day we can tell our kids about these moments.

Jack: Kids???? Aren't you planning a bit to far?

Ashley: It doesn't hurt dream right?

Jack: Coming from you it sounds a bit to calculating.

Ashley: Well dreams won't come true without a bit of effort right?

Jack: I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Ashley then kissed Jack passionately on the lips. He wanted to resist but her lips were intoxicating and his brain was drowning in confusion and pleasure. The kiss felt like it lasted an hour but in reality it was only about ten seconds. When Ashely stopped she could see she was slowly winning him over. She then whispered to him.

Ashley: That was just a sample. Play your cards right and you can have the whole meal one day.

Then Ashley led the bewildered Jack back to their seat by the bonfire by Blossom. As Jack still dazed and confused, Ashely and Blossom began to gossip and giggle.


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